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Published On March 1, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Check It, Community

CuredCured is a monthly dance party at Remedy and we’re a fan of attending their events and getting down. It’s easy to have a good time upstairs when there’s good music and cheap drinks to be had. Rarely do we get to enjoy prime eats past midnight, and Cured has remedied (hah!) this by providing attendees with a 1AM dose of delicious pork cooked up by co-resident Jarrett Tebbets. We had a chance to ask him a few questions about his inspirations for Cured and what’s in store for future installments.

Kymbo Slice: How did you come up with the idea to start Cured? What inspired you to combine pork + dance music?

Jarrett Tebbets: The monthly that I was running with DJ Firefly needed a makeover. We were always tossing around ideas on how we could improve our monthly, and I kept coming back to the idea of adding food, more specifically, slow cooked pork. I’m always craving food around 1AM, you know, right when the kitchen closes? So that’s where the idea started – from the lack of late night eats in Pittsburgh, my meaty late night cravings, and the consumption of one too many IPAs. The idea of Cured grew its own set of legs and just took off. For me, it’s those little details that make a party extra special. It’s a lot of work, but at the end of the day, after all the thank yous, smiles, and donations (wink wink), it’s all worth it!


KS: How did you hook up with DJ Firefly to throw this event?

JT: DJ Firefly and I met through the Social Curator when we were asked to do Amalgnation at Remedy. I worked closely with DJ Firefly and her husband Eric on Amalgantion, and after about a year of doing the monthly, we really started to understand and trust one another. When the time came to change over to Cured, I couldn’t think of two better people to work with.


KS: How do you go about choosing guest DJs each month?

JT: Nancy (DJ Firefly) and I first like to make sure they fit stylistically with what Cured represents (Deep/House/Disco/Funk). Then we’ll generally look for DJs that come with a presence, that are willing to promote themselves and Cured, and someone that will bring some friends to the party. From there it’s a matter of when they last played, how we want to build the night, and a plethora of other meaningless bull shit that no one cares about.


KS: Your event has grown each month and is packing now packing Remedy on a consistent basis – any plans to relocate if you grow out of the space?

JT: As of now, we have no plans to leave Remedy. They’ve been good to us, and I really enjoy the overall vibe of Remedy. If I had my way, I’d love to keep our monthly at Remedy, and start up another Cured event at another location if the right offer presented itself.


KS: What’s in store for future installments of Cured in terms of guest DJs and food? Where do you draw your inspirations from in terms of your recipes?

JT: Well, we’ve got Pittsburgh Track Authority lined up for April, and we’ve got some other great local talent lined up for the upcoming months. In terms of the the pork, you’ll have to wait and see. I try to keep it somewhat seasonal and a little bit of a mystery. Hopefully in the near future, Cured can link up with some local chefs to work on a pork dish together. On top of the monthly at Remedy, Cured is going to start doing quarterly discos at various spots around the city. Our first event is Scheduled for May 17th with Sleazy McQueen.

I draw inspiration from all sorts of places, sometimes it’ll be from a restaurant I went to, other times I’ll cook what I’m in the mood for, or on occasion, I’ll ask the guest DJs if they have suggestions on a favorite pork dish. For example, Keeb$ wanted to try the bacon explosion, so after a little bit of math, I got 15 pounds of bacon and 10 pounds of sausage, and after six hours we gave birth to a beautiful litter of bacon explosions. And on the rare occasions, inspiration will just smacks you right in the face…Jason Cuban, Cuban vs Cuban. C’mon, it doesn’t get much better than that!


Cured pops off TONIGHT at Remedy. $3. Bring an appetite and your dancin’ shoes!

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