The Biggest Game of Ninja Ever

Published On June 30, 2012 | By Sweet1Lani | Community

Obscure Games and the Brazilian drumming group Timbeleza are joining forces and leading the World’s Largest Ninja game ever! The two non-profit organizations’ goal is to beat the most recent record of 112 participants in the game.


Complete with dramatic drumming provided by over 20 of the Timbeleza drummers, the game will take place on Flagstaff Hill in Schenley Park on Sunday, July 1st at 4PM. The game will start out by forming smaller groups to compete in preliminary games. After everyone gets the gist of what is expected for the Ninja Game the true world-record-breaking game will begin.


If possible, Obscure Games would like to form one large circle and begin the long battle to dub the best ninja in Pittsburgh. 


If you don’t know what the game Ninja entails it’s pretty simple. All participants form a circle to prepare for battle. Then the ninjas shout “1, 2, 3 NINJA!” and one by one the players in the circle get their chance to eliminate others.


To eliminate a ninja you get one swift move to try to slap your competition’s hands. However, they also get one move to dodge your attack. One by one members use their Kung-Fu talents to eliminate other ninjas.


Come by yourself or form a dojo (your own group of martial arts warriors) and prepare for battle! Obscure Games will be selling Kung-Fu headbands for $1 as representation of the various different dojos. It is sure to be one eventful afternoon to prove who the greatest ninja warrior is!


Check out the video below of the current largest ninja game!


This is what we’re up against!

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