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TalkPGHTALKPGH, Pittsburgh’s first mobile talk show, is rolling to a neighborhood near you in the coming weeks. The series will visit each of the city’s 90 neighborhoods in an effort to interview residents on an assortment of topics regarding their area. According to their website, “the purpose of TALKPGH is to collect Pittsburgh residents’ stories, opinions, about thoughts about their neighborhoods. We’ll compile these interviews and make them available online and in special feature presentations throughout the city.”

Pittsburgh’s comprehensive plan for growth over the next 25 years, PLANPGH, has delegated ARTPGH and DESIGNPGH to execute this endeavor. These smaller branches of PLANPGH are vital to reaching our 25-year goal of making the city a better place to live, work, learn, play and thrive.

A recent article in the Post-Gazette brought this project to our attention and ends with a quote regarding public art – “It tells visitors and residents who we are, that this is a cultured place, a progressive city, and we want you to come and live here.” We started NakYouOut two years ago with that same goal in mind and are excited to see a more modern image of Pittsburgh unfolding as we age along with this beautiful city.

TALKPGH has been met with some skepticism, however, evidenced in the first comment on the Post-Gazette article. There are certainly more pressing issues facing the city – jobs, transportation, safety – and many fear that developers don’t have residents’ best interests in mind. To attract new people to Pittsburgh, we must continue to foster the positive spotlight that’s been shining on us for the past few years. Here’s to hoping TALKPGH is a smashing success!

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