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Published On June 14, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Community, Music

With summer comes the arrival of many things our decrepit souls are deprived of during the winter months. My personal fave, of course, is the clothing! Bust out the booty shorts, bikini tops, flops and sunnies, cos this gal’s goin shoppin! Unlike a majority of retailers in the world, locally-owned and operated shops are a bit more in touch with the buying patterns of their patrons, which is why most local clothing establishments choose to launch their summer line uh – in the summertime! None of this it’s the middle of February and my nipples could cut glass but all I see are capris and tank tops at Target kinda shiz. What a tease! Since we aren’t fortunate enough to live in a warmer climate, the fine folks at Timebomb have exercised some smarts and decided to introduce their summer line party-style.

For starters, head to their online shop to see what they’re all about. I know I prefer to shop in person because I want to make sure everything fits properly, so if that’s your bag, hit up their Summer Clothing Collection Party at the store. We asked them what new and fresh things we can expect at the store, and they had this to say: “Timebomb, Pittsburgh’s premier streetwear boutique has released asphalt bubbling heat that will take you back to the grimy 90’s. After two decades atop Pittsburgh’s hip-hop, graffiti, and fashion scene, Timebomb has drawn inspiration from that crazy golden era two decades later. Brick Diggler, KtSmokes, and Joe Boots have designed or reissued some dope pieces as part of their Summer Clothing Collection. The designs include the Big L “Putcha L’s Up” tribute shirt seen in Mac Miller’s video Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza; Timebomb’s “Classic Clock” design; A Timebomb Crew shirt inspired by the “Pretty Woman” logo for male and female pimps alike, two shirts made as an homage to the store’s graffiti roots with the “Signature Bomb” design plus the “Holy Spraycan”, and last but not least the Timebomb “Goon Squad” which is pretty self explanatory. From the time of Krylon and fatcaps to the present day of I-Phones and Tumblr, Timebomb continues to nostalgically innovate.”

Speaking of nostalgically innovating, their selections for the Summer Kickoff Party are just as bad ass as their stylings. Headlining the evening, which takes place at Shadow Lounge, is none other than Tony Touch – a notorious hip hop break dancer, rapper, DJ, producer and actor. This guy’s sold more than one-million records worldwide over the course of his career and has been dubbed the “Mixtape King” by his peers. While Tony was getting accustomed to turntables, his early influences included the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Little Louie Vega and the Rock Steady Crew. His legendary mixtape series, the MCs parts 1, 2 & 3 included KRS One, Wyclef, Mos Def and Big L. Sidenote: I effing love me some Wyclef. No lie. No shame. The bottom line is Tony Touch has worked with some of the most legit, talented and best-selling rappers, producers and R&B artists of the past 50 years and this cat is coming to Pittsburgh. So, if hip hop is your thang – you’d better be at this event.

Joining this heavy hitter is NYC-based Jasmine Solano. She’s a DJ and rapper best known for her debut single “That’s Not It”. She also toured as Wiz Khalifa’s official DJ for his 2010 “Deal Or No Deal Tour”. Girlfriend has opened for Clipse, a personal fave of mine. She also hosts an infamous monthly party, the lol-titled Electric Punanny with fellow NYC celebs Melo-X, Roxy Cottontail and Phone By Tone. Any party that includes the punanny in its title is A-OK with me. I’m sure a majority of us can agree with that.

If you aren’t quite convinced, here’s another incentive. We’re giving away a pair of tickets to the event, courtesy of Iron City! All you gotta do is hop on over to our Party Pooper post and leave a comment for your chance to win. Winner will be announced by 6pm Wednesday the 15th.

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