Startup Drinks Pgh @ The Warhol

Published On January 12, 2015 | By Theo McCauley | Community


“On the internet, everyone has a license to speak; it’s more a question of who gets heard.” This statement was made famous by Reddit co-founder and computer prodigy, Aaron Swartz. His conviction to the refrain spawned an online revolution and spread of ideas that would redefine what it means to “share.”

On Thursday, Jan. 15Startup Drinks Pgh will be hosting a special screening of a film titled, “The Internet’s Own Boy” at the Andy Warhol Museum. In addition to the traditional “mix and mingle” of all Startup events, the film shown will feature the life and successes of programming prodigy, Aaron Swartz. The choice in show is impeccably on theme — Aaron Swartz wanted to incite an exclusively fun way to share progress and ideas, and that is exactly what Startup Drinks is all about.

The Internet's Own BoyPittsburgh’s edition to Startup Drinks is part of a national movement bringing free thinkers and entrepreneurs together to share ideas and network with like-minded people, while simultaneously supporting local bars, coffee shops, and venues with a niche (such as the Warhol Museum).

Startup Drinks Pgh has been meeting for more than a year at locations such as Social in Bakery Square, Shiloh Grill in Mt. Washington, and Birm’ Bridge Tavern in Southside. Like Swartz’s internet brain child, Startup Drinks has become voraciously popular with ambitious Pittsburgh tycoons. The next event already has more than 200 RSVPs, in addition to the promise of increasing popularity.

Doors open at the Warhol on Jan. 15 at 5:30PM. The screening begins at 7:15PM, with good times happening everywhere in between.

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