Shop Late in Lawrenceville Simultaneously Supports Local Businesses & Restaurants

Published On June 4, 2015 | By Megan Tomasic | Community

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This past May, local shop owners and the Lawrenceville Corporation linked up to revive the initiative, Shop Late in Lawrenceville, a program started two years ago to endorse the town’s retail sector in unison with the service industry. The program was started in order to promote shopping at small, locally owned businesses past 8PM, and organizers hope to use the popularity of neighboring restaurants to achieve this goal. With about 25 restaurants participating in the initiative, retail owners hope that while customers wait to be seated at a restaurant, they will wander around local shops.

“The neighborhood is much more of a destination for night time than it used to be due to the bars and restaurants that have opened in the last few years,” says Rebecca Morris, owner of Wildcard. “With wait times of more than an hour for a table at multiple popular restaurants along the corridor, the idea was hatched to promote local businesses to diners.”

Recently, The New York Times named Lawrenceville a “go-to destination,” bringing in more customers to restaurants during evening hours and allowing the initiative to encourage local businesses to stay open late on Thursday evenings.


“One of the many great things about Lawrenceville is that the businesses support each other, so it was no surprise that so many of the neighboring restaurant and bar proprietors were more than willing to put our Shop Late in Lawrenceville flyer in their checkbooks. I believe there are close to 20 restaurants supporting our efforts,” says Julia Weiskopf, owner of Jack + Jules. “Our hope is that the customers who regularly dine here will soon become regular shoppers; we host so many different types of retail in Lawrenceville, there really is something for everyone. And to top it off, we are all locally owned, small businesses.”

Shop Late in Lawrenceville hopes to draw in new customers to the area while creating new spaces for residents to explore. The program has funding from Duquesne Light, PNC Bank, UPMC Health Plan, and the URA (The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh). With this funding, the Lawrenceville Corporation and a committee of shop owners are working together to create a marketing collateral that will be given to customers waiting for a table, and that can also be distributed with a check listing. The marketing collateral has 25 local businesses signed on to participate in Shop Late in Lawrenceville. The list includes:

Asian Influences (3513 Butler St)
be Galleries (3583 Butler St)
Divertido ( 3609 Butler St)
T’s Upholstery Studio (3611 Butler St)
Pageboy Salon Boutique (3613 Butler St)
Phoenix Boutique (3627 Butler St)
O’Bannon Oriental Carpets (3803 Butler St)
Broke Little Rich Girl (3816 Butler St)
Atlas Bottle Works (4115 Butler St)
Backstage Guitars (4123 Butler St)
Gryphon’s Tea (4127 Butler St)
Gallery on 43rd Street (187 43rd St)
The Gilded Girl (4405 Butler St)
Mid-Atlantic Mercantile (4415 Butler St)
Crystal Bead Bazaar (4521 Butler St)
Mister Grooming and Goods (4504 Butler St)
Number Fourteen (4601 Butler St)
Jay Design Soaps and Gifts (4603 Butler St)
Dragonfly Castle Toys (4747 Hatfield St)
Atelier Glass Studio & Gallery (5204 Butler St)
Pavement (3629 Butler St)
Love Bikes (4102 Butler St)
Gerbe Glass (4119 Butler St)
Wildcard (4209 Butler St)
Jack + Jules (4502 Butler St)
City Grows (5208 Butler St)
Calligramme (5417 Butler St)

Shop Late in Lawrenceville happens every Thursday with local businesses staying open until 8PM. Any guest wishing to take a guided tour of participating shops and restaurants can contact Matthew Buchholz.

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