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Published On November 16, 2013 | By Emily Laubham | Community

bangsWe live in a world populated by poverty and hunger but the fight for change is worth pursuing. Thanks to those exceptional few who commit themselves to taking action, there’s hope, which is often all it takes to inspire transformation. Twenty-six year old and CEO of BANGS shoes, Hannah Davis, is one of those individuals. She’s using fashion and a pair of shoes to make a difference.

While teaching English in eastern China, Hannah noticed a type of shoes worn by the working class. She realized, not only would they sell in the US, but they could become a platform for change, not charity. The humanitarian brand, BANGS, focuses on sustainability and empowerment. Rather than providing hand-out help, it concentrates on education, health, and creating viable jobs.


40 teams from schools across the country are invested in the BANGS mission, hosting events, generating social media awareness, and selling the cute shoes. One of Pitt’s team Ambassadors, Maggie Giuffrida, explains how BANGS is different from other humanitarian fashion brands like Toms. She says, “While Toms supports aiding those in need, they work on a ‘give to charity’ basis… BANGS’ customers can rest assured knowing their money is going towards giving people tools to develop themselves.”

BANGS partners with six nonprofit organizations, hand-picked by Hannah, that coincide with the six colors available for purchase. So when you choose your favorite colored shoe, you choose the nonprofit you want to support.

Black – Education (Springboard Collaborative)
Red – Disaster Aid (Global D.I.R.T)
White – Financial Empowerment (KIVA)
Brown – Ending Hunger (CHOICE Humanitarian)
Blue – Clean Water (Drop in the Bucket)
Green – Development (S.O.U.L Foundation)


For several months, Hannah has been touring campus to campus, meeting with BANGS teams and anyone who is interested in learning about the brand. To celebrate Hannah’s final stop at the University of Pittsburgh, the Pitt team planned a special event-filled day on November 22nd. A massive canvas will be spread across the William Pitt Union lawn and anyone can come by and paint it. Show off your artistic side or just have fun with friends. You can even dip your shoes in paint and leave footprints across the canvas.  It’s a way to show support for BANGS and have a chance to hear from its founder, Hannah.

The schedule for the rest of the day is as follows:

11AM – 1:15PM @ WPU Lawn: Art with BANGS

1:30PM – 2:30PM @ Frick: Hannah’s Presentation

3PM – 5PM @ Peters Pub: Hannah Meet & Greet (Food & drink available, age permitted)

5:30PM – 6:30PM @ CBA (2200 Sennott Square): Hannah’s Presentation

6:45PM – 7:45PM @ Peet’s Coffee and Tea: Coffee with Hannah

Every event is free and open to the public. Whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship,  joining the BANGS team, or just buying a pair of shoes, show up this Friday and find out what BANGS is all about.

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