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Published On October 23, 2013 | By Lindsay Franko | Community

wingWe’re sharing this again as a follow-up to our October 2013 article that introduced Wing Ma’am. They’re happy to announce they’ve now OFFICIALLY launched and have reached 10,000 users! Congratulations!

With the prevalence of social media in our lives, apps are constantly being thought up to connect people to one another, interacting constantly with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat, to name a few.

From Tinder to OkCupid, many of these apps are online-dating sites turned mobile. And they’re great – if you’re straight. But what about the 9 million people who identify themselves as LGBT? Sure, there’s Grindr (a mobile app for gay, bisexual, and bi-curious men) but many see it as a source to hook-up rather than find a relationship. And what about LGBT women? Where’s an app for them?

This is what Ariella Furman found herself questioning when she moved to Pittsburgh a little over two years ago without knowing anyone. This would be a difficult situation for most, but, as a lesbian woman, it was even more difficult.

Other than bars and parties, she struggled to meet people and so she took matters into her own hands, starting a monthly lesbian party called “Impulse”. Over the course of a year, Impulse grew to 4,000 subscribers on Facebook and had up to 550 people attending the events. From this, she realized that the LGBT community, representing approximately ten percent of the population, was in need of a way to better connect with one another.
And so the idea for Wing Ma’am came about. By creating a centralized place for information and events, Wing Ma’am uses GPS technologies to pool nearby users of the app. Women can also take control of their social lives with the LGBT community calendar. With the creation of an event feature, women can add and contribute to what’s already going on in the community.


Furman is adamant about the fact that Wing Ma’am acts as more than just a “hook-up” app. It incorporates social networking, profile-making, friendships, matchmaking, event making and the inevitable hook-ups that will occur. On top of this, Wing Ma’am works to break down social barriers in the community. The app is for everyone – transgendered people, bisexual people, anyone! There is no judgment, no matter how you identify.


If you feel like this app is something that you could benefit from, register with your email. It’s free and you’ll be notified once the demo is out! By signing up, you help Wing Ma’am gain the recognition of the queer community by investors, which equals faster upgrades to the app and the launch of an awareness campaign. Once at 20,000 signups or more, Wing Ma’am will be able to host an active and sizable community on the app in every city!

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