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Published On August 15, 2014 | By CeeStars | Community

Neighborhood Flea logoIt’s a beautiful day in the Pittsburgh neighborhood, it’s a beautiful day for a neighborhood flea market. What vintage could you find? What will you find? The Neighborhood Flea is a new pop up urban marketplace that celebrates crafts and goods made and curated by quality vendors. The Neighborhood Flea hopes to nurture a community of sellers and buyers by fostering open dialogue between the people who live here and those who create locally.

The idea for a Pittsburgh neighborhood flea market came naturally to Carrie Nardini after launching The Cleveland Flea with a friend. The co-founder of I Made It! builds her work around artists and creators looking to identify a marketing strategy and connect with an audience. By teaming up with a few good people, like Harvest & Gather, the Neighborhood Flea hopes to bring together a new community of buyers and sellers in the Pittsburgh area.

neighborhood flea nak picWhen Harvest & Gather embarked on branding for The Neighborhood flea, they embraced Pittsburgh ties to the television show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Mr. Rogers always promoted the importance of knowing your neighbor and neighborhood, a concept Harvest & Gather wanted to relate to the idea of the flea being a temporary neighborhood. Like any community, you get to know the people around you and respect their contributions, and the Neighborhood Flea has these same values.

Get your reusable bags ready for the next Neighborhood Fleas happening August 24 and September 28 from 11am to 4pm at 23rd and Penn Ave, in the Strip District. Each market will host a variety of vendors selling vintage clothing, re-purposed furniture, handmade jewelry and cosmetics and even reclaimed wooden wares. Come shop, and stay a while to enjoy local food and sip-worthy brews as you make creative connections and marvel in the craftsmanship. If you’re an interested seller of vintage goods, apply to be a vendor soon. We took a trip to the first Neighborhood Flea and got some cool shots of what’s going on. Check them out in our gallery here.


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