Monster Trike Night

Published On August 19, 2014 | By Chelsea Strub | Community

MTN_FINAL-PROMO_IG (1)Remember Projekt 50/50 back in May? What about the Down & Derby Roller Disco at Beveldere’s? Well the same peeps that brought you those parties are continuing the fun Saturday, August 23, with their newest brainchild, Monster Trike Night at The Wheel Mill. That’s right, it’s time to bring out the Big Wheels this weekend and put your skills to the test! Whether you had your own, or stole one from a neighborhood kid for an afternoon of fun, we all had our unforgettable moments with the wind in our hair on those giant, plastic, three-wheelers before we had the courage for a bicycle with training wheels.

Is your childhood trike lost forever under your grandmother’s hoarding? Not a problem. Providing your own is optional since Monster Trike Night has a bunch of adult trikes they encourage you to use. If you bring your own, you’ll be in a ‘Run What You Brung’ class that won’t get as much track time. Choose wisely though, you’ll need enough room to get some power behind those pedals! Not only will you be racing against everyone interested in a nostalgic big wheel experience–you’ll also be racing against the clock for the fastest time in the ‘Burgh.

f02b37b0bd322ce57d114fd0a947fe56767c8a385bd1102df0da4cb0f8929d03Time trials start at 10pm. After that, the top 12 compete for the crown. You can compete in the trials as many times as you want. Your first race is free, but every entry after that is $3, so it’s okay if you need a couple rounds to warm up. If you come in costume, you get three entries for free. We suggest something that’s comical to distract your opponents, but bike-friendly. You don’t want baggy pants or a loose wig to get caught in between your pedals and blow your chance at the finals. You’ll also need a clever name to go with your getup.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses… that’s why there’s a cash bar at this 21+ event for you to ease your pain–literally and figuratively. No one said there wasn’t a chance of injury. You may want to bring along some Power Ranger Band-Aids to fit the theme.

Stewie_Griffin_big_wheelTickets are $12 at the door and $6 if you RSVP beforehand here. A portion of the proceeds will go to Bike PGH and The Wheel Mill to help support their bike advocacy efforts. Want to purchase your own Big Wheel? Check out what they have to offer here.

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