The Indigo Project Helps Establish Identities for Local Businesses

Published On July 29, 2015 | By Megan Tomasic | Community

Photo Creds: The Indigo Project

Our city has a plethora of small businesses that make the ‘Burgh a unique and interesting place to explore. But many of these hidden gems throughout the city go unnoticed – partly due to their limited visibility.

That’s where The Indigo Project comes in. The Indigo Project is a branding and design team of photographers, graphic designers, artists, and marketers who help businesses strive to reach out to a wider range of individuals.

The project was established to assist business owners in making informed and accountable marketing decisions. By getting to know businesses and their owners, the Indigo Project team focuses on finding the right target audience for each business. Every aspect of a company’s brand identity is designed based on specifications and suggestions from their customer base.

The project was created by Director Remington Brooks and two others in 2012; after graduating in 2013, the original team parted ways, remaining friends and continuing to pursue their passions in other ways. Brooks continued to design on a freelance basis while working a full time job iLetteringforLogosn event planning, until he relaunched The Indigo Project in the winter of 2014 with a new team; Noelle Novakovich (Marketing Director), Riley Benson (Graphic Designer), Kimmy Prelosky (Event Coordinator), and Julie Griffith (Creative Intern).

Now, well into 2015, they’re working hard to provide “rich marketing and branding services to passionate solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs in emerging and small businesses in local markets.” They’re invested in the Pittsburgh creative community and continually scout and hire local design talent in specific creative fields.

The Indigo Project strives to provide a unique style to each project based on the needs of their clients and the brand vision they create with them. Brooks hopes to share the talents of their freelancers by introducing them to events that are currently being planned and designed, and that the Project will help the community in multiple ways:

“Too often I have seen great ideas fade away or fail because the idea was amazing but the marketing was nonexistent, or worse, directed at the wrong audience. In Pittsburgh, the small business community is growing, and I believe that, for this growth to continue in the long term, these businesses will need to know how to market themselves to their core audience and create powerful brands for these loyal audiences. We want to help to keep valuable small businesses flourishing in Pittsburgh for the foreseeable future. We also want to keep and attract amazing creatives in Pittsburgh by continuing to inspire them and connecting them to projects who will promote passionate thinking and innovative design.”

Photo Cred: Daniel Gurwin

Photo Cred: Daniel Gurwin

On Thursday, July 30, The Indigo Project will host The Lettering for Logos workshop, an opportunity to explore basic letter form construction, sketching, focused research, and developing and refining logo concepts. This sold out workshop will teach a basic understanding of hand-drawing skills, branding, and the design process. Students will leave the workshop with a better understanding of lettering techniques, characteristics of a strong logo, and how to make individual design choices for different projects or clients. The workshop is run by local designer, Daniel Gurwin.

Gurwin creates brands and logos using hand-crafted lettering, drawing on vintage lettering and typography while incorporating modern sensibilities. Through this process, Gurwin develops brand identities that reflect a time when things were done independently and by hand. Gurwin’s work has been featured on posters, magazines, album artwork, apparel, and more.

For those who can’t attend the workshop, there will be plenty of opportunities aspiring designers can take advantage of in the future:

“If you did not get a spot at the upcoming Lettering for Logos event, do not worry. We are currently planning a program of events that will extend throughout the Fall, including another Lettering for Logos worksop with Daniel Gurwin. More workshops, artist talks, portfolio reviews, and networking events are all in the works for the Fall, so we will have plenty more opportunities for anyone looking to get more involved in the Pittsburgh creative community.”

The next event will take place on August 20, a BYOB Biz and Booze networking event that works towards connecting creatives and entrepreneurs. Interested attendees can contact the event coordinator at

Companies interested in finding out more information about branding can visit their website for prices and contact information. Be sure to check out their listings for future events.

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