#GoGoPGH: An “Unconference” Dedicated to Crowdfunding in PGH

Published On January 28, 2015 | By Jenna Moen | Community

Photo Credit: Indiegogo

Have a business venture or a cool idea in mind? Starting February 4, Indiegogo is stopping through Pittsburgh to co-host a three-day event that presents an exciting, advantageous opportunity for participants to get their entrepreneurial ideas off the ground. Pittsburgh-based clothing store and entrepreneurial support group Fygment is anchoring the event by teaming up with the leaders of the world’s most established campaign program to reach out to a multitude of local makers, creators, and doers. Ultimately, both organizations hope to help participants kickstart their projects and goals with the crowdfunding movement.


Photo Credit: Indiegogo

It doesn’t matter what kind of entrepreneur you are. Fygment supports all types of creators, which is why this specific event was created — to light a fire under local dreamers and catapult the city into action. Don’t let lack of funding be an excuse for why you’re stuck. Eliminate that obstacle by signing up and getting the gears rolling. The best part? It’s all free!

As a local trader, you’ll have the chance to learn from and interact with innovative companies such as Kiva-Zip, Awesome Pittsburgh, The Sprout Fund, Party for a Purpose, Soup-N’at, and Dream Cream in a panel discussion. Additionally, participants are invited to attend multiple other discussion panels, workshops, Q&A’s, open networking events, one-on-one’s, and presentations in various Pittsburgh locations, all for the purpose of developing a plan to put your skills and ideas into action.

You’ll also hear from successful grassroots businesses and local companies about how they made their dreams come true. One particular success story we suggest reading up on is Zeke’s Coffee — a local, family owned and operated coffee shop that was able to raise enough funds (well over their original goal amount) to relocate and expand their store in order to provide additional options and continued quality services to their loyal customer base. The shop offered up some pretty cool incentives for their generous donors, including free mugs and t-shirts, catering services, advertising opportunities for other local businesses who donated, a “brew your own coffee” workshop, and even free coffee for life for the top tier donors! You can hear more about their story from Chad Hammitt, one of the instrumental organizers of the campaign, in the panel discussion taking place at Tech Shop Pgh on February 5.


Photo Credit: Zeke’s Coffee Shop

#GoGoPGH kicks off at noon on Wednesday, February 4 at the Thrill Mill. Fygment’s website encourages fellow community members to spread the word by sharing the site link and using the hashtag #GoGoPGH on your social media accounts and through email.

Click here to view the full schedule, and make sure to follow the links to sign up for events that interest you. See you there!

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