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Published On September 1, 2014 | By Breanna Durham | Community

haunted pittsburgh events 1A demonic force battling a family on Brownsville Road. A dead soldier’s ghost marching in a department store. The restless spirit of a warden’s wife roaming murderers’ row. These are just some of the stories you’ll hear from a tour guide on one of Haunted Pittsburgh’s ghost tours. See for yourself–we’re giving away two tickets below for the downtown tour on September 13th.

Each tour begins exactly at 7PM, no matter the weather, which is good since, you know, it’s Pittsburgh.  Guests can choose between a tour through downtown Pittsburgh, Oakland or on the Incline. Tickets are $15 and all registration happens online. Punctuality is key, those who show up late will be left behind. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, because you’ll be walking around for two hours packed with tons of creepy stories about the ‘Burgh.

pittsburgh events hauntedIf you’re one of those people who is turned off by haunted tours with costumed actors waiting behind every corner to scare the crap out of you, don’t worry; Haunted Pittsburgh pulls no tricks. For the past five years, they’ve been sharing their stories. Our guide was Haydn Thomas, and each story he told us was so well researched it was like hearing the account out of someone’s diary. Thomas has a narrative style that engages and hastily shifts his audience’s laughter to unease. We recommend the tours to you history buffs out there, especially if you happen to be into the obscure and macabre. The stories can be heavy in an academic sense, but they still make you hold your hubbies tighter than usual.

Haunted Pittsburgh does a great job of educating, while keeping you engaged and on your toes. If that’s too much for you, no sweat, the company will have a lighter history and baseball tour for you soon. Stay tuned!
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