Happy Holidaze

Published On April 20, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Community

While many of you will spend your 4/20 posted up on the couch, some of us like to engage ourselves in stimulating hazy day activities. These haps are for you – the active 4/20 celebrator. Roll whatever you have for the road and get to gettin’ – there’s a lot going on in the PGH tonight. Way to be motivated! Who says potheads aren’t productive? I certainly didn’t.

Speakeasy – A free party by The Dojo at Brillo Box

Second Family Band + Monopoly Childstar Searchers + Dolphins Intothe Future at The Shop

DJ Kentaro at Mr. Smalls

Wolfgang Gartner at Club Zoo

An0maly/Koala T./Most Clever/Stillborn Identity/412 Kid at Garfield Artworks

Pittsburgh NORML’s 420 Party at Frankie and George’s

Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social at Diesel

FADED:420 at Erotica

Annd…it’s one of the FUZZ guys’ birthdays! (BBT)

And, for those of you who won’t be celebrating, there’s always Mamma Mia or Queen. Hee.

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