The Garfield Night Market

Published On July 26, 2013 | By Sweet1Lani | Community

jericho-street-fair-for-web The Unblurred First Friday events are expanding in an exciting new way! Thanks to cityLAB and their 6% Place project, a renewed focus on revitalizing the Penn Avenue Arts District has begun. If you aren’t familiar, cityLAB in a non-profit that performs experiments with a city as their laboratory, focused on seeding economic development, generating a buzz, and creating positive change in a city. The 6% Place project is based on research that shows once a neighborhood’s population includes 6% or more of creative workers, a tipping point occurs, and the neighborhood becomes an attraction in its own right.

In 2000, researched showed Garfield barely surpassed 0%, while neighboring Friendship was at 9%. cityLAB has put in a great deal of research thus far, and the Garfield Night Market was created to address feedback from the community and potential newcomer’s on what they felt would improve Garfield. Check out the graphic below for a list of their common goals.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 12.03.38 PM

The first Garfield Night Market will take place during the August 2nd Unblurred on North Pacific Avenue. Attendees will be able to try food created by locals, enjoy a dance performed by local students, purchase unique treats from local artists and vendors, stop by a farmers stand, and sample from hip local menus. All of this is supporting Garfield by empowering the residents, offering entrepreneurial opportunities via vending, shining a spotlight on the community, and offering residents and guests a family-friendly cultural experience.

Be sure to head to Unblurred for all of the usually fun stuff, in addition to this new treat, on August 2nd. If you’re interested in volunteering, performing, vending or sponsoring the market click here.

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