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Published On February 22, 2016 | By Leah Kennedy | Community

failure lab pittsburgh “Embrace it, learn from it, build on it.”

How many of us face detrimental let-downs in our lives and use these words to lift us? What if our downfalls led us to take this inspirational message and make it our reality?

At Failure:Lab, organizers Jordan O’Neil, Austin Dean and Jonathan Williams are striving to instill this hope into the minds of audiences across the nation.

Through a comprehensive speaker workshop and live music event, storytellers share their most memorable experiences with failure–a feeling we’re all too familiar with at one point or another.

Failure Lab PGHThe Lab places a new perspective on “rock bottom” by providing a fresh take on the concept–a path for positive change in an open, accepting environment. In crushing the stigma around failure, Failure:Lab then takes its rightful place as the crucial first step in a new direction.

At the next Failure:Lab showcase in Pittsburgh, curators will present a raw and intimate evening to highlight personal stories of failure paralleled with uplifting local entertainment.

Preview what you’re in store for below…


bill peduto

Bill Peduto

Through an intimate storytelling session, participants will share a personal recap of a time in their lives when things didn’t go according to plan. The workshop will be headed by a few of our city’s most pronounced residents and locals: a handful of individuals who’ve had tremendous success throughout their lives, but not without a few road bumps along the way.

Stories will be told by our city’s own Mayor Bill Peduto and legendary jazz vocalist, Holly Joy Gaines. Gaines and Peduto will be joined by renowned Pittsburgh Chef, Kevin Sousa, and Hustle and Heart’s award-winning TV personality, Darieth Chisolm, for the evenings discussions.


byron nash

Byron Nash

Each storyteller’s appearance will be followed by an uplifting musical performance to allow the audience to reflect and recharge.

Artists heading off the evening will include: bombyx collective, a local dance outfit exploring social and ideological questions through creative movement; religious “Blue Music” vocalist, Adam Brock, and singer-songwriter and public speaker, Jasmine Tate.

The night’s performances will continue with D.S. Kinsel, artist-entrepreneur and co-founder of local collective, BOOM Concepts; hip hop musician and artist of the Spoken Word, I Medina; plus Formula412/Plan B guitarist and creative producer, Byron Nash.

Failure:Lab will take place at 7PM on Friday, February 26 in Kelly Strayhorn Theater. Audience members are encouraged to share their thoughts and personal reflections via Twitter using the #FLPGH hashtag during performances.

Tickets ($27.37) are available now and can be purchased online.

You can check out videos from recent Failure:Lab workshops on the group’s website.

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