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Published On November 19, 2014 | By Nuria Marquez | Community
Photo Credit: Escape Room Pittsburgh

Photo Credit: Escape Room Pittsburgh

Escape Rooms are an interactive, real time experience involving a group of players, locked inside of a room for 60 minutes, using logic and teamwork to make their escape. With the clock ticking, players attempt to find their way out by decoding ambiguous clues and solving intricate puzzles. Popular mostly in Europe, Escape Rooms are slowly making their way to U.S. soil; a handful of these locations are currently scattered about the country, including places like New York and San Francisco.

Thanks to cousins Joe and Cory Deasy, you can now have your own exclusive Escape Room experience in the 412. Joe Deasy of Munhall came up with the idea after a trip to Budapest, where a simple Google search led him to the most popular tourist attraction: an Escape Room. After his trip, Deasy then teamed up with his cousin, Cory, to develop Pittsburgh’s very own Escape Room.

Together they created custom blueprints, and along with the help of many family members, they transformed a vacant storefront on Greenfield Avenue into Pittsburgh’s only Escape Room experience. Behind the front desk, there’s Dr. Stein’s Laboratory and a prison cell. These two rooms include their own distinct themes with various rigs and codes to crack. The clock ticks away as you and a group of 5-8 players scope out the room and gather clues. The longer you take, the less points your team will be left with at the end of the game. Clues are available through an iPad given to each team, but usage will also deduct points from your final score.

Owners Cory (left) and Joe Deasy (right).

Owners Cory (left) and Joe Deasy (right).

Escape Room Pittsburgh opened its doors on Nov. 7 and has already had a few hundred people walk through its doors. The Deasys will be watching your every move, and if your team gets stuck, they’ll slide a clue under the door to help you out. Aside from a few set rules, virtually everything in the room is fair game and could be a piece of the puzzle.

“It’s funny because at the bottom of it, it’s really just four walls but people get so immersed in the game they forget what’s real and what’s not,” said Joe Deasy.

NakYouOut tried to escape Dr. Stein’s Laboratory with some top-secret information. We won’t spoil the game for you, but trust us when we say that getting out is no easy feat. You can also try Prison Break, where you and your team start out in handcuffs behind bars.

Grab a group and experience the mind tricks and madness firsthand at Escape Room Pittsburgh. You can book either room for $20 a person.

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