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Published On September 19, 2013 | By Emily Laubham | Community, The Arts

Rubber DuckThere have been a lot of famous ducks through the years. Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, the Aflac duck, the men of Duck Dynasty… The list goes on. But Friday, September 27th they will all be out-shined by a four story high and three story wide giant rubber duck. The Rubber Duck will float through Pittsburgh for its debut in the United States and is kicking off the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts with a Rubber Duck bridge party. The Festival of Firsts is a four-week event during the fall featuring international artists in genres like dance, music and performance. It all starts with the Rubber Duck and will come to a close October 26th.

The Roberto Clemente Bridge is shutting down for the Rubber Duck bridge party September 27, starting at 5:30PM and ending at 10PM in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Fall Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District. The party is hosted by KISS FM’s hilarious Mikey and Big Bob, and DJ Scottro is handling music. Food and art will be available to buy but the event is free for anyone who wants to come witness the giant duck take off from the West End and float down the Allegheny river towards the bridge.


Rubber Duck Artist


The Rubber Duck is a creation of Florentijn Hofman, an artist from The Netherlands. He’s had other big artistic endeavors like his Fat Monkey in 2010 which was 15 meters long and hung from a line made of 10,000 different colored flip-flops. Hofman’s work makes onlookers stop and look not only because of its enormity but also the positive message it conveys. The Rubber Duck is about reconnecting people to their childhoods. It promotes simple happiness. People around the world in Amsterdam, Belgium, Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Hong Kong have enjoyed the break the Rubber Duck gives from the mundane routines of life, and now its Pittsburgh’s turn to share in the fun.

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