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Published On April 16, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Community

Joseph Kony, a man whose name has been making headlines since the beginning of March as the world’s worst war criminal, is about to endure more critical exposure on Friday, April 20th with the inception of “Cover the Night”, an initiative set forth by Invisible Children, the organization responsible for exposing the man behind decades of child enslavement, mass injustice and human rights violations galore. Listen up if you would like to do your part this Friday by helping shine a light on the horrible man who has destroyed the lives of so many people.

First up, if you haven’t already, you’ve gotta watch the Kony2012 video. This video went viral back in March, with close to 88 million views as of today, and many of the people I’ve spoken with who have seen it were moved to tears. Many of them are tough as nails, so you know this has gotta be some powerful stuff.

You can also visit Kony’s website to learn more about the cause. We try not to get too political here at NakYouOut, but this cause is too dire for us to ignore. This past year, 100 U.S. troops were sent to Africa to help regional forces find Kony. In order to keep them there, Washington needs to see that its country cares. In order for people to care, they need to be aware of Kony and what he’s doing. This is where you come in.

So this Friday, April 20 at sundown, “Cover the Night” is urging participants to go out and cover the city with posters, stickers, and anything else about Joseph Kony. Make him famous – not because he’s a great man, but because we need to get the word out about who he is and what he’s doing in order to make a difference. Try to be aware of where you can and can’t post flyers and things of this nature because they’ll be more likely to be torn down, and we don’t want your efforts to be futile!

We here at NakYouOut are going to do our best to be a part of this movement, and we wanted to invite you, our loyal readers, to join us in taking down this pathetic man.

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