Clique Vodka One Year Anniversary Party

Published On August 24, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Community

Who likes dressing up and drinking vodka in an aquarium? This girl right here. Who likes waking up without a hangover after drinking lots of vodka in an aquarium? Muah. All of those things and more occurred at the One Year Anniversary Party of locally-owned Clique Vodka. They’ve been getting us tipsy for a year now. What better way to thank their patrons than with an evening of free vodka?

I remember attending this event last year and thinking, do we really need another brand of vodka? I’m quite satisfied with the current options. However, Clique seems to be doing a good job of penetrating the Pittsburgh market, and has recently expanded to Tennessee, according to their website. I remember having a very good time at the party last year, leaving with a clean vodka buzz, and waking up the next day with virtually no indication that I’d had a drop of alcohol the night before. This vodka treats you right. It also tastes pretty fantastic. Our favorite drink of the evening was the Key Lime Pie shooter, which rivals the Key Lime Pie martinis formerly served at the now extinct Iguana Grill in the South Side. Damn, I miss those martinis. They were the best in the ‘Burgh, fo sho. Now, however, I will have to purchase all the ingredients on this list and see if I can make them taste half as delicious as the guy serving them did. I’ll let you know how that works out.

For now, we’d like to wish the fellas behind this delicious brand Congratulations on one year. Enjoy the pictures of the fish, who were the only ones in attendance who didn’t get to try the vod. Better luck next year, fishies. Maybe it was the booze, but I swear the blue fish was giving me the eyes. Best conversation of the night.

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