Call For Nominations – The WGF Celebrates woMEN

Published On March 12, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Community

Do you know any fellas who are helping to advance women’s rights and opportunities in our region? The Women and Girls Foundation needs your help to identify, nominate, and celebrate the work of outstanding men working in Southwest PA to increase opportunities for women and girls. This category should be broadly defined and can range from men providing equal opportunities for the advancement of women in their organizations or companies, to policymakers helping to protect women’s rights, to men who coach and mentor young women at an individual level, and much much more. Click here to nominate someone you admire in your community, company or organization. Nominations must be submitted by April 20, 2012.

Watch this video to learn more about the campaign:

According to their website, “The Women and Girls Foundation promotes social change by addressing fundamental social inequalities and raising the awareness of these inequities to the media, voters, legislators and corporate and non-profit decision-makers. By serving as an independent and clear voice, the foundation strives to bring together women and men in our region to work together to find solutions to create sustained equity for all of its citizens. WGF empowers our donors to invest their dollars strategically and collaboratively to support women and girls’ efforts. We then gather those donations and make strategic investments, through grant awards, made to regional non-profits to support systemic change initiatives, at the state and local levels, focused at developing more equitable public and corporate policies to ensure women and girls in our region can realize their full potential.”

I’m a woman myself and our parent company, Nakturnal, was founded by women, so we couldn’t be happier to spread the word about this fantastic organization and all it is doing for the women of Southwestern PA. This young foundation is about investing and creating lasting change. Now it’s your turn to recognize the men in your life who are perpetuating change themselves. A winner will be announced at the WGF’s fall gala, which serves as the annual fundraiser for The Women and Girls Foundation, raising funds to advance the mission of the organization – to achieve equality for women and girls in Southwest Pennsylvania. This is the first time in it’s history that the WGF will focus its annual fall event to honor men.

We wish all the men making a difference out there the best of luck in their efforts and know that someone more than worthy will win this fantastic award!

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