Beer Run: Shadyside Edition

Published On November 27, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Community

We hit up Shadyside for our latest batch of the Beer Run. With the holiday season upon us and all the great shopping Shadyside has to offer, we thought it would be nice to gift these ten businesses with our own dose of holiday cheer. If you’re a big fan of the neighborhood like we are, consider checking out Think Shadyside‘s inaugural “Holiday Shop + Rock”, which features sales in some of your favorite Shadyside stores and deals at participating restaurants. Stick around for live entertainment and a fashion show from 7-11PM and make a day of it! Consider these and all the other fantastic stores Shadyside has to offer when shopping for your loved ones. Pro tip: there is free parking in the Shadyside Garage on Bellefonte every Saturday and Sunday from now until Christmas!

The first stop we made was Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee, located at 232 S. Highland Ave, and a must if you need to fuel up before a long day of Shadyside crawlin’. We were greeted by a cheerful gal who kindly placed our case of Iron City Amber on the back counter amongst all the delicious ice cream toppings one can choose from. While ice cream might not be the first thing that comes to mind in the winter months, their selection of coffee and other treats gave just the kick we needed to continue on with our day. They also have waffles that can be topped with an assortment of treats other than just ice cream.

We then headed to The Gallery 4 just a few doors down at 206 S. Highland Ave. They were in serious need of some beer to get them through staying open until midnight for the closing of Brian Holderman’s Silver Bullet, which we talked about a few weeks ago. Right now they’re gearing up for their next show, Anthony Purcell’s “The Sepia Show” – a collection of original paintings by Anthony in which the subjects are Victorian-era portraits “embellished with surrealistic elements and set amidst crisply detailed Victorian wallpapers and backgrounds.” The opening is Saturday, December 1 from 7-10PM and runs until December 29 OR the 21st just in case the world does indeed end!

We decided to visit our friends at Timebomb next and they were certainly excited to receive their case of Iron City Amber just in time for happy hour. If you aren’t hip to this Shadyside staple and are a fan of urban wear and brands unique to Pittsburgh, get with it! The shop, located at 200 S. Highland Ave. has been in business for over a decade and features a variety of brands to choose from such as Taylor Gang, 10 Deep, Huf and many more. Hip hop artists visiting the Burgh’ have been known to stop in from time to time, so you’ll never know just who you can run into while you shop. Drop by the store this Saturday, December 1 from 8 to 8PM for their Holiday Collection Launch featuring the sounds of DJ Bamboo and Hank D.

Petagogy, located at 5880 Ellsworth Avenue, was a charming stop on our tour. We were greeted by a very large doggie and a worker with an even larger and more vibrant personality. It was easy to tell she thoroughly enjoys working at Petagogy, a natural pet store that encourages patrons to feed their animals a high-quality diet, free of all the additives typically found in pet food. If you wouldn’t eat it then why should your pooch?! Their goal is to “offer support and resources to help you make informed decisions in caring for your pets.” They also host a quarterly “Yappy Hour” in which customers bring their pooches to the store and enjoy an adult bev or two while the dogs imbibe on “beer bones”. They’ve also been deemed Pittsburgh Magazine‘s “Best Pet Store” for their 2012 readers poll!

If you’re in the market for something cute, look no further than Kawaii Gifts. Located at 5413B Walnut Street, Kawaii Gifts has been supplying Shadyside with its daily dose of cute for many years now. They’re heavy on the Hello Kitty merchandise and also carry a variety of exclusive brands, such as Kid Robot. This is where you’ll find the largest variety of Kid Robot brand merchandise in Pittsburgh. They also have a wide variety of novelty items such as Japanese stationery, character hats, day planners, stickers, stuffed animals and more. This store is truly for the kid in everyone. If you can’t have a fluffy pup or cat, Kawaii Gifts is the next cutest thing to snuggling up next to your pet.

Our next stop was Ten Toes, a fantastic little shoe store located at 5502 Walnut Street. They’re known for their top notch women’s shoe selection and carry a variety of both affordable and upscale brands. What’s really special about Ten Toes, however, is their customer service. Gone are the days when you’re placed on a couch to wait 10+ minutes for someone to find your size, only for them to leave the second you’re given shoes to try on. The sales staff’s attention to detail and patience with every pair of shoes that are tried on are what really come to mind when thinking about the exquisiteness of Ten Toes. They carry seasonal items, so head on over and grab yourself a pair of boots before the snow really starts to stick!

We were in the mood to browse after passing the halfway mark of our run and the colorful paintings at Maser Galleries caught our eye. It was a relatively warm evening and so, their door was open – an inviting strategy if you ask us. Maser Galleries, located at 5427 Walnut Street, is touted as “one of the most extensive selections of original paintings and limited editions on canvas and paper in the city”. They’ve also been known to host special events such as jazz ensembles, nationally-acclaimed artists and even yoga! This long-established gallery is mainly contemporary, but the collection is eclectic and includes sports art, as well as traditional oil paintings.

Next up, we hit Nadia Salon, which is owned and operated by Jeff Palmieri, who has been a stylist for 15 years. He’s the former owner of HAIR, INC, which was in operation for over 10 years and was forced to close its doors due to the building being sold. Jeff quickly bounced back and opened Nadia Salon, located at 5519 Walnut Street and named after one of his daughters. This trendy piece of real estate has a hip feel and hosts such unique events as Black Yoga, a twist on the traditional form which is set to the sounds of drone and stoner metal. Their specialties include Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatments and Balyage Highlighting technique.

If you’re in need of a good cup of coffee but want to avoid chains, consider visiting Jitters Cafe, located at 5541 Walnut Street. This neighborhood staple has all of the perks of a full-service coffee shop and none of the fluff. The cafe has just enough seating to accommodate a few small groups and is a more low key alternative to the busier Shadyside coffee shops. With outdoor seating in the warmer months and ice cream year-round, it’s also a great option for a refreshing summertime treat. Expect personalized service and smiling faces behind the counter at all times when you visit Jitters.

The final stop of our day found us at S.W. Randall Toys and Gifts, located at 806 Ivy Street. This family-run chain has been in business for over 40 years and is the “largest specialty toy and gift store in Pittsburgh, with over 20,000 items in stock”. If you’re looking for a special item for the youngster or adult child in your life, look no further than this place. They also host special collectors exhibits and special events from time to time, such as a LEGO contest, to keep things interesting.

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