Beer Run: Salon Edition

Published On July 15, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Community

Did you know that beer can be beneficial not only for partying, but for hair? I did. But then again, my mom and current roommate both went to beauty school, so I’m on top of my game when it comes to beauty secrets. Beer can be used as a conditioner and can also give it a sun-kissed look if you soak your hair before laying out in the sun. It also adds body if you add after shampooing and soak for a few minutes before rinsing off. The maltose and sucrose sugars in beer are also responsible for adding shine. Beer is practical – so many uses other than for a buzz! For this installment of Beer Run, we visited ten area salons to tell them about Iron City‘s new product, IC Light Mango.

Our first stop was Salon 22 in Lawrenceville. I’ve always been intrigued by this place because of their sign. It’s pretty nifty looking, so I thought the inside had to be nifty as well. The ladies were delighted about the beer and were ready to crack one open as soon as I plopped the case down onto their counter. They were some of the most warm and welcoming of all the salons I encountered during my run. They also have this awesome thing called “Free Beer Fridays” and planned on sampling our beer to their customers during the next one. Any salon that serves beer, especially on a Friday, has my heart. As you can tell from the picture, my photog skills need some serious help, but you get the idea.

Next, I hit up Technicuts, a place I’ve always walked by but never really knew much about. The sign on the door makes them appear rather hip, but the inside is rather low-profile. This salon caters to an older demographic and is probably somewhere I would take my ma. They loved the beer, nonetheless, and the woman working mentioned that many generations of her family had previously worked for the brewery. It’s a small world, and Pittsburgh is even smaller. Good to know that Iron City has been supporting the local economy for a number of decades now.

The next stop on my beer excursion was Salon Christine, one of my favorite stops of the day. This salon recently moved from its previous location on Penn Ave downtown to the former Zombo Gallery space on Hatfield street in Lawrenceville. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Butler St, Salon Christine is a nice escape from the noise, but it doesn’t sacrifice the cute factor. Joining Christine in the salon is her adorable black pug, Oliver. I’m a sucker for pugs and cute decor, so I might just have to make an appointment the next time I need a new ‘do.

Metamorphosis is a brand spankin’ new day spa on Butler Street in Lawrenceville. They feature all-organic products and a variety of exclusive services. Not to mention, the inside is gorgeous! They took me on a full tour, as it was their grand-opening weekend. There were so many treats lying around I left the place drooling. They have one of the only two “Steamy Wonder Tents” in the city, which leaves your skin feeling fresh, renewed and hydrated. They also have an entirely organic spray tan. Apparently spray tanning is a stinky process, but their spray tan does not contain all of the chemicals that produce this foul odor, so you can say goodbye to plugging your nose while getting your tan on. Spray tanning is also a great alternative to fake baking. If I weren’t so damn pasty, I would try it out, but I have a feeling I would look quite ridiculous with a spray tan.

If you’re a Lawrenceville hipster and you pay to get your hair cut (which is a stretch, I realize) then you probably go to Evolve. Nestled on the corner of Butler next to Crazy Mocha, Evolve is a small, yet functional salon. This was the second spot on my journey where I was greeted by a dog. This one was a little, white ball of poof. Not sure what breed, but cute nonetheless. The girl who greeted me was kind, friendly, and had awesome hair. She was also playing Adele. At this point in my day I was beginning to realize all of the things I’d been missing out on by going to other salons – free beer, cute pups, and awesome jams. This is what’s important to me in a salon. Where are my priorities?

Salon Bella Mia on Liberty Ave between Bloomfield and Shadyside was about to close, but I caught them in time to sneak in and chat. I used to frequent this salon. My favorite hairdresser I’ve ever had used to work here, but she moved away a few years ago because her husband is in the service. I haven’t regularly seen anyone since. A stylist, much like a lover or best friend, is tough to replace. I think it’s important to stick with one if you find someone you like. One thing I never knew about this place – they have free parking behind the salon, as sometimes it’s hard to find a metered spot that close to West Penn Hospital. I love how I discovered this now, years after I was a customer. Oops.

As you can see, the next salon, Hair By Damian, was chock full o’ hotties. My lovely roommate works here, so I’ve heard a lot about this place. This was probably the most upscale of the bunch, and I was certainly impressed by the beautiful, enormous mirrors that covered the walls. I had to take a picture of the place. I enjoyed the table in the middle of the room and the whole feel of the salon. I hear the girls all got together over a few IC Light Mangos after they closed up shop. Good job, Ladies!

Last, but not least, were two Shadyside salons. First I hit up Capristo, a place I know very little about except that I’ve heard the name before and it’s a quite popular spot. Capristo is a full-service salon and wellness spa which features the new Lapex BCS technology. What is that, you ask? It’s lipo without surgery, pain or extensive recovery time. Sounds like a great alternative to me!
Salon 5844 was my last stop. I was happy to deliver a case of beer directly into the hands of the lovely Johnny, a stylist that was referred to me by one of my friends who has fabulous curly hair. As a curly-haired broad, it’s important to me that I find someone who knows how to work with my frizzy, untamed fro. Johnny did a fantastic job, though I haven’t been back since. I hope he enjoyed the beer!

Salons are a place to be pampered, so we did our best to pamper them back! The next time you want to pamper yourself, hit up one of these ten local favorites, or better yet – grab a case of IC Light Mango and pamper your taste buds! See you on the next Beer Run!

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