Beer Run: Radio Edition

Published On June 4, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Community

Our beloved Beer Runs are back. It has been too long, and we’ve very much enjoyed making someone’s day with a case of Iron City in the past, so we had to bring these back. The newest run finds us gifting a case to some of Pittsburgh’s most well-known and loved radio personalities. Each of these individuals put a smile on people’s faces day after day by playing songs for our ears to enjoy. Why not return the favor with a refreshing case of IC Light Mango, the perfect summer beer! We hope you enjoy a cold one after a long day of slingin’ tunes.

First we hit up WDVE, which is a “Classic rock music formatted radio station at 102.5 MHz. It is often referred to by Pittsburghers as simply “DVE” WDVE’s transmitter is located on Pittsburgh’s North Side. Since 2006, the station has been the highest-rated radio station in the Pittsburgh market.” Three lucky DJs got a case. We hope you’ll share!

Randy Baumann: Randy is a radio personality best known for his work as the host of the “Randy Baumann & the DVE Morning Show” airing weekdays from 6am-10am. Prior to joining the DVE Morning Show in 2000, Baumann was an announcer for Rocket 101, WRKT in Erie using the on-air name “Buckethead.” I grew up in Erie and remember Buckethead from back in the day. It’s nice to hear a familiar voice to remind me of home.

Michele Michaels: Michele Michaels has been at the top of the radio ratings at each city she’s been on air in during her 25+ year career, including Syracuse and San Francisco. Michele can be found on the radio getting Pittsburghers through their workdays, dishing out the “Electric Lunch” show Mondays-Fridays, 10am-3pm.

Sean McDowell: He hosts The DVE Afternoon Show, weekdays 3pm-7pm. When given the complimentary case of IC Light Mango, he said “He loves Iron City beer, and cannot wait to try this!” Check out Sean’s blog and all of the DVE staff blogs at their website.

The X was the next station on our list, and who better to surprise with a case of IC Light Mango than the multi-talented Abby Krizner. Pittsburgh is her hometown and you can find her on air Monday-Friday 6pm-10pm. She’s also the host of PromoWest Live in both Pittsburgh and Columbus, where the company is based from. The show features bands who visit Stage AE and other venues they operate in Columbus and airs Saturday nights after SNL. The X can be found at 105.9 and has been around since 1994. They serve up the best modern rock and alternative music from today.

WAMO, Pittsburgh’s only urban station, is thankfully back after closing for a short time back in 2009. At a frequency of 100.1, WAMO has been pumping out the jams since the early 1960s. We got to visit their Program Director, DJ Boogie, who was a member of the original WAMO cast before it was sold in 2009. Though originally from New York, DJ Boogie has been in Pittsburgh for more than five years and has worked for Sheridan Broadcasting for 13 years. You can catch him weekdays from 3pm-7pm.

Next on our list was WYEP, Pittsburgh’s home to essential public radio and the first green, LEED certified radio station facility resides in the South Side. At 91.3, we thought each of the next three individuals could use a beer after learning of the departure of general manager Lee Ferraro, who has worked there for sixteen years. WYEP is an independent and innovative, listener-supported public media organization.

Cindy Howes: Cindy decided to be a DJ after receiving a radio for her 12th birthday. After working at several different kinds of stations, Howes was hired as the Morning Mix host. In addition to her popular morning show, which she has now been hosting since 2007, Howes acts as an advocate for local music at WYEP. Booking all local music events and screening all incoming Pittsburgh releases, she prides herself in being an accessible bridge between Western PA’s flourishing music scene and Pittsburgh Public Radio.

Mike Sauter: Mike is WYEP’s midday DJ and is on the air Monday-Friday, from 10am-2pm. His feature segments include going through old recordings and coming up with a couple of in-studio performances from musicians who have visited WYEP in the past. He shares tracks which have just arrived newly at the station, and also plays a song by the Beatles which is related to a Beatle’s anniversary or birthday.

Rosemary Welsch: In September 2011, Rosemary celebrated her 30th year as a WYEP on-air host. Currently she host WYEP’s Afternoon Mix from 2pm-6pm. Her years of experience have given her a great credibility amongst the Pittsburgh community: “…if she says a piece of music is good, that means something to our listeners.” In 2010, Rosemary was honored by the Women and Girls Foundation for leading the way in the media world and utilizing media to promote and amplify the voices of women and girls.

And our last stop of the day was 96.1 KISS. Former home of Iron City Sound Ambassador and Wiz Khalifa’s DJ, Bonics, KISS is Pittsburgh’s premiere top 40 station. Home to Tall Kathy and the Freak Show, KISS has been on the air since 2000. We had a chance to gift well-known personality Tall Cathy and Flick with a case of IC Light Mango.

Tall Cathy: Cathy studied at Clarion University and has been on the air since 2003. She currently hosts a show on Monday-Friday from 10am-1pm. She worked her way from an intern to the promotions department and landed her first on-air gig with KISS in 2003. She is Pittsburgh born and raised and touts the title of “Tallest girl in Pittsburgh radio”.

Flick: Fick graduated from the Ohio Center of Broadcasting in 2005. His passion is entertaining, delivering content, and accomplishing at whatever he sets out to do. He is Kiss FM’s Assistant Program Director, Music Director, and also hosts afternoons Monday-Friday 4pm-9pm.

That’s it for our latest edition of Beer Run! We hope you enjoyed it! The Beer Fairy will see you all next month! If you have suggestions on a business or someone we should visit in the future, please e-mail for consideration.

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