Beer Run: Boutique Edition

Published On June 28, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Community

We got to play beer fairy again over the weekend. This time, we were appointed the task of delivering ten cases of Iron City‘s newest brew, IC Light Mango, to local boutiques. This refreshing, fruity beverage is absolutely delicious. If you are a fan of citrus, Belgian or fruit-flavored beers, you will love IC Light Mango. If you aren’t too keen on the taste of beer, I suggest giving it a try. It goes down smoothly and is a good stepping stone for Iron City’s other flavors. Best of all, it’s under 100 calories – which means you can indulge and still fit your tooshie into some hot summer digs that I found along my boutiquing journey. Who knew Pittsburgh had so many cute boutiques!? I certainly didn’t until I got to meet some of the folks at the following lovely establishments:

Jupe Boutique was our first stop. I was a bit nervous at the thought of barging into a clothing store with a case of beer, but as soon as I met the friendly faces at Jupe, I felt relieved. What stood out the most at this store was their jewelry selection, which was complimented by a lovely antique vanity. I also find their blog to be helpful. Peep this post on cute outfits for the 4th. Great idea!

Next, we hit up Pittsburgh Jeans Company. I was silly to think the only thing this place sold was jeans. They sell much more than that, and even have a bar upstairs in the men’s section! Talk about a shopping experience! Had I known I could compliment my shopping endeavors with a cold brew, I might have stopped in sooner. They’ll be placing our donated case of IC Light Mango in their vending machine, so if you need a new pair of jeans, why not stop by and try it out! I’m sure an adult bev takes the edge off of how much you’ll end up spending on denim. Their jeans are top notch! Not only that, but they’re oozing Pittsburgh heritage. We had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Scott, who had tons of Iron City memorabilia.
We ventured further down East Carson Street to Figleaf. I couldn’t help but notice these adorable black shorts with little hearts someone had on, and I will be going back to get them. The gals were super friendly, and even got a text from their friend at Jupe that we visited earlier in the day to ask if they’d received their “present” yet. Maybe the girls got together to throw back some beers after their stores closed. I know I would have!

Decade is just across the street from Figleaf, so we scooted on over there to deliver our next case. We were greeted by Steve and his adorable pooch, Yoko. If only I had a job that allowed dogs – life would be complete. I guess this is one of the many perks of owning your own business. I wonder if they’ve considered dog fashions? Decade features both men’s and women’s fashions. It had a similar feel to Pittsburgh Jeans Company in terms of style, much like we found Jupe and Figleaf to be quite similar. If you’re in to more classic styles, we suggest the former. For trends, Jupe and Figleaf might be your best bet.
If you enjoy a bit of edge to your fashion, Slacker is probably your bag. They carry a variety of odds and ends. I remember visiting this spot when I first moved to Pittsburgh and discovering the naughty thangs behind the counter. They also have great tees if you’re into low maintenance fashion. Body jewelry, hair dye and alt magazines are some of the other things commonly found at this spot. This store contains a lot of the trends that were popular when I was in high school and really brings me back. Think a more genuine Hot Topic.
For our next stop, we hiked over to Bloomfield to visit Boombox, a new boutique on Liberty Ave that’s located next to the lol-enducing New York Swagger Clothing. While I was tempted to drop off a case, I managed to stay on course. Boombox features a lot of handmade items, as well as bathing suits, shoes, hats, purses and sunglasses. Though it’s not really the season, they have sweet hoodies as well.
Last, but certainly not least, we hit up Lawrenceville. Known for its unique shopping and hip environment, we knew the final stops would be top notch in terms of selection. We first visited Wildcard, which recently won Pittsburgh Magazine‘s Best Card Store in their Best of the Burgh reader’s poll. While the focus of the store isn’t really on clothing, we chose this store because of its excellent t-shirt selection. This store oozes Pittsburgh! It’s my first stop when I need to buy someone a card, but I always leave wanting a new tee. So is life. They have an excellent assortment of chatchkis (sp?) and things you don’t necessarily need but must have as soon as you see them. I didn’t really need that pin with the cute talking fruit on it, but I went home with it anyway. This store has impulse buying down to a science. They also do gift wrapping – who knew!?

I’d heard a lot about Pageboy since it opened, but hadn’t been yet. Shame on me! This combination boutique/salon is a great addition to trendy Butler Street. It’s run by local celeb Rachel Valozzi, who I’ve met in passing. She’s got cool hair from what I remember. She’s also got great style, which makes sense if you’re going into this type of business. Rumor has it they do hair feathers, the hottest trend to happen since gauchos! Sadly, I was a victim of that trend. I see broads wearing them now, and think whoa – I hope that’s not how I will feel about leggings in a few years, or I’m totally screwed. (SIDENOTE: Aaron what are you doing on their website, I didn’t know you were a model!?) DAYOM BOY!
Pavement was our next stop, a store in which I’m very familiar with. I often hear from friends that the store reminds them of me. Well, friends – I wouldn’t be opposed to receiving a gift or two from the fine establishment next time you stop by and happen to think of little ‘ol me. Just throwin’ that out there! Pavement is consistently recognized as one of the top places in Pgh for shoes. So, if shoes are something that’s lacking from your wardrobe, we suggest you hit them up.

Last, but certainly not least, Sugar! This store had a change in ownership over the past year, but it’s still going strong. We couldn’t find a new website for them, so the old one will have to do for now! Meet Justin – the adorable fella in this photo. He had the courage to try a warm beer, but still found it to be delicious and refreshing. If that isn’t a sign of a good beer, I don’t know what is! Best of luck to you, Sugar!

And best of luck to you, our lovely readers, fellow shoppers and perhaps IC Light Mango drinkers!? You never know until you try! Stay tuned for our next Beer Run installment in which we will be targeting another genre of local business and gracing each with a case of delicious beer!

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