Bayardstown Social Club

Published On June 12, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Community

BSCFormer neighbs, brilliant thinkers and the peeps behind the small agency Deeplocal are the driving forces behind the newest club in town, the Bayardstown Social Club. The space opened on a steamy night at the end of May and has hosted two successful weekends of bands, grilling and libations so far. For the small fee of $10 a month you can be a part of this exclusive, but welcoming club, which caps its membership at 150 each month on a first come, first served basis. Members are permitted to bring guests at an additional rate of $5 per day, per guest.

More than just your average plot of land for outdoor social activities, Bayardstown is an homage to Pittsburgh and the rich history of the Strip District, which was once known as Bayardstown and named for George A. Bayard, who owned several substantial portions of land. The “Bayardstown Boys” or “Rats” were a group of men and boys who would gather cobblestones from the river bottom and sold them to street contractors in addition to wreaking general havoc on the neighborhood. This plot of land was also home to a former brothel that burnt to the ground. We’re certain what’s occurring each weekend during operating hours is rather tame compared to the space’s deep and colorful history.

Bayardstown’s unique style of hosting events as to create a certain atmosphere relies on a set of rules, of which some may surprise you. Laptops, for example, are permitted, and the operators have spoken of restricting cell phone use for small portions of time in the future. It’s time to bring socialization back to its roots and interact and connect with people on a basic level. People everywhere are simplifying their lifestyles, and with an agency like Deeplocal backing this project, it’s obvious they’ve managed to pick up on this trend and bring it to life. We salute you, Bayardstown, and look forward to coming to chill on warm summer evenings as soon as this weather lets up. Visit their tumblr for additional photos of the space and to keep up on the latest haps.

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