13 Things We Said Goodbye to in 2013

Published On December 24, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Community, Lists

NakYouOut Pittsburgh2013 was a fantastic year for Pittsburgh in many ways. We’d like to pay homage to some of the things our fair city lost this year, a few of which are very close to our hearts. We are very thankful for the people and places that make this town such a wonderful place to be. Let’s take a moment to reflect on a few things that will surely be missed in 2014.

Shadow Lounge
Shadow Lounge PittsburghBut Ava Lounge lives on at their new spot in North Oakland.

Gullifty's PittsburghThe Squirrel Hill staple closed its doors late summer, but its Harrisburg and Philly locations live on.

Out Of Order
Humanaut PittsburghBut don’t worry, Humanaut is still throwing parties. Look for their series of one-offs and affiliate Honcho parties in 2014.

The Pirates’ losing streak
Pittsburgh Pirates Win 2013Having celebrated their first winning year since ’92, it was a great time to be a Pirates fan.

Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm PittsburghWe’re curious to see what happens to the establishment, which is being replaced by a Szmidt’s Old World Deli, and is “on hiatus until 2014”.

Luke Ravenstahl
Luke RavenstahlNeed we say more? Hail Peduto!

Abay PittsburghAnother East Liberty staple that closed its doors in 2013, we’ll miss this authentic Ethiopian dining experience and fantastic food.

L.C. Greenwood
LC GreenwoodSteel Curtain-era Hall of Famer L.C. Greenwood passed away this year. Gotta pay our respect.

6119 PittsburghYet another casualty of East Liberty gentrification, the VIA folks have been tasked with getting even more creative when it comes to throwing down in the PGH.

FE Gallery
FE Gallery PittsburghTen years. Over 150 shows. Thousands of creatives showcased here. The end of an era for L-ville, fo sho.

LevelzA stabbing prompted the troubled club to close unexpectedly, but does anyone really miss it?

Dozen Cupcakes
Dozen Cupcakes LawrencevillePerhaps the cupcake trend has passed its prime?

Parking in Lawrenceville
LVILLEFinding a spot is close to impossible most weekends. Talks of the Thunderbird Cafe expanding have sparked quite the intense debate among residents, but the neighborhood’s reputation as a party destination keeps visitors coming.

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