Words for Poems at Fe Gallery

Published On January 18, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Check It

Words for PoemsThe supremely talented Laurie Trok, a local artist who we’ve covered here on NYO before, is debuting a new series of works this Saturday at Fe Gallery in Lawrenceville titled Words for Poems. The pieces explore abstract visual language in five parts and is influenced by abstract poetry and asemic music. Food for thought: asemic means “having no specific semantic content”. Asemic writing is interpreted similarly as one would infer meaning from an abstract work of art. Oh, the parallels! Laurie’s art transcends most boundaries and her level of imagination bleeds on to each creation she showcases. If you haven’t had a chance to see her work in person, we highly recommend attending the opening this Saturday, January 19 at Fe Gallery from 6-9PM.

More insight on the exhibit is provided in her Artist Statement:

“Using nontraditional drawing tools like mops, brooms, and air, I created works on paper in ink and cut them from the page. As I created more, I hung them differently each day, forming them into sculpture, cutting them into pieces to construct small works, and floating them from the wall – creating vast shadow narratives. Light and time brought them to life. As they were able to interact daily this way in the space, they became language, and I began to treat them as texts for poetry. While they are poems, they are also questions: What could be? What would happen? How do you? Why? What would you do differently? Within those questions lies the poetry.”

As she hangs each piece, she’s provided confirmed attendees with a preview on the Facebook event page, which can be seen here.


This exhibit opens Saturday, January 19 and will remain on view through Friday, January 25. Check it out!

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