Touchfaster's Winter SOLSTICE

Published On January 11, 2013 | By Sweet1Lani | Check It

535865_359292530803742_1247015979_n Touchfaster, the local event and promotions company dedicated to the powerful effects of collaboration, is hosting their Winter SOLSTICE event on Saturday at The Rex Theater. Like their Summer Solstice event hosted last August, this seasonal art and music showcase will feature musicians, an art exhibition, and live art creation onsite. In addition to the showcase, small businesses will be participating including- Brighton Music Center, The Zen Den, South Hills Power Yoga, Trilodeon, and Iron City Beer. Their mission is to bring together some of the best music, art, and local businesses to highlight what the city and region has to offer.

Based on the name, a nod to the pagan Solstice holiday, as well as the participants like local jam band Jazzam, folk act Gypsy and His Band of Ghosts, sacred geometry artists James Gyre and Niffer Desmond, and partners like a yoga studio and zen center, at first glance one might think this has a bit of a zen like vibe to it. At the same time it’s a well rounded eclectic mix of genres and mediums, so you’ll probably find something to like with this long list of talent. It’s only $10 for a pretty extensive line up of entertainment, and the show starts at 8pm. Get your tickets HERE.

Check out the full list of participants:46152_10151308828814774_1908537426_n-2
Music by
The Fleeting Ends
Chris Vipond and the Stanley St Band
Gypsy and his Band of Ghosts

Art by
Pierce Marratto
Justin Wujcik
Ryan Keene
Jamie Zbrezni
James Gyre
Will McLuaghlin
Dustin Medvid
Hope Keshavarz
Dan Vogel
Matt Hunter
Brad Bianchi
Devin Dysart
Niffer Desmond

Live Art by
Steve Yeager
Daron Eichenlaub
Matt Hunter

There is always something unique to do in Pittsburgh, even in the dead of winter. We suggest you check out Solstice and support Touchfaster as they continue to provide great events in the city.

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