This May Not Take That Long Opening at PCA

Published On January 29, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Check It



For the past few months, two Pittsburgh-based artists, David Bernabo and Emily Walley, have been collaborating on a dual-projection audio/video piece titled This May Not Take That Long. According to Bernabo, “Our first collaboration was a studio performance in August 2012, which consisted of easy and hard physical actions, multiple video projections, text, speaking, and a fake Q&A. The actions in that performance formed the basis for our PCA proposal and subsequent filming. Along the way, Emily and I collaborated on a stop-motion video that was shown at ModernFormations Gallery this past December and a series of Magic 8-ball themed stop-motion videos for the Chance Resolution (Lin Clark, DB) sculpture at First Night Pittsburgh.”

The project is a commentary of sorts on the process of artistic creation that “attempts to be an honest, albeit humorous, portrayal of creating.” Relying on contextual trickery to throw the audience for a loop, the exhibit consists of two screens displaying the artists completing a series of simple actions, complete with voice overs that detail “decisions made during the creation process that led to the performed actions”. While simple, this A/V installation is quite intriguing and combines many mediums of art such as a visual element, dance/movement to some extent, text and audio. Additional photos can be found here on Bernabo’s website.

Join Bernabo and Walley this Friday, February 1 at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts for the Opening Reception at 5:30PM. This May Not Take That Long runs until April 7.

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