So Bad It's Good Series at The Hollywood Theater

Published On January 17, 2013 | By Sweet1Lani | Check It

2048336What Pittsburgher doesn’t know the 1983 ‘classic’ movie Flashdance?  Featuring our steel town in its former ‘glory’ and the exotic dancer with big dreams…what’s not to love? It also recently had a revival of sorts, when the musical production premiered in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. Sure, Variety Magazine may have said the film was  “virtually plotless, exceedingly thin on characterization, and sociologically laughable.” But we agree with The Hollywood Theater when they say it’s ‘so bad, it’s good’.  Which is why it’s the first film featured in the “So Bad It’s Good” series, with LIVE heckling from local improv group Hustlebot. If you saw Hollywood’s first installments of ‘Hecklevision’, where the audience could heckle campy movies via text messages, now you can check it out and be lazy, letting Hustlebot do all the work. It goes down on Saturday the 26th at 9pm, and tickets are only $10.

If you’re too young to have experienced Flashdance yet, or its overacted scenes have escaped your memory, we’ve included a particularly pivotal and melodramatic scene to jog your memory.

And if you aren’t familiar with the talents of the Hustlebot comedy troupe yet, you’re missing out.  These folks are the real deal.  They’re currently writing a feature film, have won the Steeltown Film Factory competition and several honors at the Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Fest.  Ryan Kiessling honed his long improv skills in Chicago before coming to Pittsburgh in 2006, when he began a series of improv workshops.  Eventually Hustlebot was formed and they began performing around the city at places like Future Tenant’s EVICTED series and at the Cabaret at Theater Square.

Be sure to support The Hollywood Theater’s innovative programing, as they continue to offer great classic movies, as well as new ways to enjoy films with events like this!

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