Ratking at Garfield Artworks

Published On February 12, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Check It

RATKINGXL Recordings is responsible for some heavy hitters in today’s scene – MIA, Vampire Weekend and Tyler the Creator – to name a few. One emerging group on their roster, Ratking, is coming to Pittsburgh this Saturday, and is a must for those of you hip to the indie rap scene, or whose rebellious spirit is enhanced and celebrated via live music. Re-inventing rap is just one of the items on their inspired agenda, a list which draws upon ideas from early nineties and seventies-era performers and cultural movements, or as Fact would put it, the “undiscovered space between New York’s late 70s art movement and mid-90s rap”. A recent interview with Fact profiles the band well: “Ratking are very much part of the greater New York tradition. They’re also flame-bearers of the city’s idea-trading interaction between bohemian art brut and revolutionary hip-hop – tokened by the avant-shock stylings of Public Enemy, or moreover, everything from Dälek to Def Jux to Blondie’s ‘Rapture’ to Public Enemy’s collaboration with Sonic Youth on ‘Kool Thing’.”

Fresh off a tour with Sacramento’s Death Grips, Ratking is poised for more than the frequent oddball comparisons the threesome has garnered as of yet, stating, “Right now we don’t need hip-hop artists, we need the process in reverse: we need thinkers who are willing to take chances, and whatever they make will be hip-hop.” Their Wiki93 EP, released back in November, was praised by indie media. Check out a track from the EP below.

Ratking plays Garfield Artworks this Saturday, February 16 from 7-10PM. This all-ages show is $8 at the door.

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