Impulse Pittsburgh Presents: I Survived the Apocalypse

Published On January 4, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Check It

ImpulseImpulse Pittsburgh has been on our radar recently, as they’ve been throwing huge parties at a different location each month with a focus on the lesbian population. Recognizing the need for more spaces for the LGBTQ crowd and their allies, Impulse has stepped up to the plate to provide an awesome monthly experience for anyone down to have fun in a respectful way. They’ve held events at various places on the north shore such as Mullens and Jerome Bettis Grille, but now it’s time to class it up for this month’s affair at Cavo in the Strip District – a beautiful space for the beautiful ladies who are about to party there! Yes indeed, “The Girls are takin’ back the ‘Burgh!”

This post-apocalyptic edition of Impulse takes place this Saturday, January 5th at Cavo in the Strip District from 9PM-2AM. Admission is only $5. While they try to have as many 18+ friendly events as possible, this one in particular is 21+. Dressing up for the occasion is encouraged, but not mandatory. Beer specials are available from 9-12.

Entertainment for the evening features DJ Steph, who will be playing top 40 jams in addition to requests. They also hire a photographer for each event and post the photos to their Facebook page. No worries – if you don’t want your photo online just let them know and they’ll make sure it doesn’t go up.

If you’re on the prowl, they offer singles bracelets that make it easier for you to mack it and identify others who are down to do the same. These orange bracelets are available at the door.

These events always look like a blast and those who organize it seem to put a lot of effort to ensure everyone has a good time, so if you’re curious or lookin’ to meet some single gals, be sure to check out this event tomorrow!

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