Harmontown Live Podcast Show

Published On January 19, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Check It

HarmontownWhat do you get when you take a self-proclaimed self-destructive comedy writer and combine his talents with Jeff Davis of Who’s Line is it Anyway fame? You get Harmontown, a podcast that brashly fulfills Harmon’s dream to found a colony for like-minded misfits where he serves as Mayor. He has appointed the suit-clad Davis as his trusty comptroller, AKA co-host, and is bringing him on the road as they tour the country to perform their infectious routine that is “part stand-up comedy and part traditional podcast featuring anecdotes from Harmon’s storied life, classic tweets, rambling thoughts, musical interludes and so much more.” After testing the waters in LA with a few live shows, they’ve decided to hit the road. Join the pair this Sunday, January 20 at the New Hazlett Theater for an evening of laughs and absurdity.

You might recognize Harmon from the credits of a few popular television shows, as he’s the creator, writer and producer of NBC’s “Community” and Comedy Central’s “The Sarah Silverman Program”, among other shows. A chart-topper on iTunes, his podcast “is deeply confessional in nature, with Harmon sharing off the cuff anecdotes with brazen honesty, bravado and enthusiasm. This format gives him the ability to go anywhere, say anything and tell any story, matched only by Davis’ candor, sharpness and strangely insightful, quizzical eye.” Episodes are available for purchase on iTunes or you can listen to them all here. As you can see, he’s begun to post part of his tour already, hitting stops like Phoenix, Austin, Nashville and Brooklyn, providing his take on each place and its culture. For example, the description for Austin states, “What else would Mayor Harmon discuss in Austin other than politics, Mexican Food, “Hey Yah” by Outkast and pooping?”. Each podcast also contains a D&D segment from Dungeon Master Spencer who heads the Department of Dungeons & Dragons. We aren’t sure how this fits into the whole Harmontown narrative, but we’re sure it’s a hoot.

Tickets for Sunday’s event are $20 in advance and $22 at the door and can be purchased here. The event starts at 8PM with doors at 7.

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