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Published On March 16, 2013 | By Sweet1Lani | Check It

524796_465366560191612_394573310_n A local filmmaker has been making quite an international stir with his documentary, Blood Brother. Steve Hoover directed the film, which follows his best friend, Rocky Bratt, who moved to India to work with children suffering from HIV / AIDS. In late January at the Sundance Film Festival, Blood Brother achieved the highest honors possible, winning both the Audience Choice and Best Documentary Grand Jury awards. There are several Pittsburgh connections to the film. Hoover and Bratt were once roommates in Oakland, and the film’s three principals attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Now it’s time to bring the winning film to Pittsburgh.

The moving film has touched many hearts as they watch Bratt make so many personal sacrifices to be of service for the children. He gave up a job as a graphic designer to move to India, and through Blood Brothers you see the love and loss this experience has brought to him. Dennis Harvey of Variety wrote: “Documentaries don’t come any bigger-hearted than ‘Blood Brother,’ a highly worked yet non-manipulative first feature for Steve Hoover that requires no string-pulling to achieve its inspirational impact.”


And the film’s impact doesn’t end there, while they have shared a touching story and raised awareness with the film, that wasn’t enough. They are also organizing fundraising for the orphans. On they are currently raising money to buy one year of eggs and milk for the children. Be sure to go and support these efforts.


You can also support bringing Blood Brother to Pittsburgh. For now it’s up in the air if the film will make it to its ‘hometown’, but until this is decided you can go online and request a screening in Pittsburgh HERE.


Check out the film’s trailer:

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