Art Attack 2

Published On March 15, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Check It

Art AttackArt Attack is a local organization that hosts live art events and donates the proceeds to a charity close to their heart. They’re all about “creating and sharing”. The largest event of its kind in Pittsburgh, tonight’s event, held at Belvederes, features 30 participating artists and 3 DJs. Remember the Art of Battle events hosted at New Amsterdam back in its heyday? This is very similar, but on a much larger scale. All proceeds will benefit the Western PA Humane Society. Admission is $5 at the door and canned pet food and supplies will also be accepted at the event. Head over to their Facebook page to see examples of previous art and then get your butt to Belves!

Participating artists include: Josh Suchoza, Jason McGarry, Jason Angst, Meliora Angst, Nathan Mould, Joe Baker, Sam Thorp, Michael Patrick, Michael Galone, Jared Altamare, Ross Kennedy, Phil Seth, Donnie Toomer, Emil Paternoster, Andy Shingleton, Bill Gilliland, Shannon Daley, Whitney Schiller, Steph Sciullo, Lauren Toohey, Peter J. Larkin III, Lindsey Cook, Kati Zmenkowski, Brittney Werner, Shawn Coss, Sean McCarthy, Andy Yoder, Jess Kreh and Jon Orr, as well as China and Gypzy from Specter Studios.


DJs for the evening include Rob Chilldren, DJ Nielson, Nuke Knocka.


Seeing artists create in front of you is both inspiring and fascinating. It’s sometimes hard to believe such intricate creations can be completed from start to finish in a matter of hours. So come and prepare to be amazed while you support a good cause. If you’re an artist and this peaks your interest, be sure to keep an eye on Art Attack’s page for future event opportunities.

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