The Wham City Comedy Tour 2014

Published On April 12, 2014 | By Sweet1Lani | The Arts

1798079_764326176911330_792863626_nIf you’re jonesin’ for some batshit crazy ‘alt-comedy’, Wham City may be just the fix you need. The Baltimore group, which is more of an art collective than a traditional comedy troupe, is coming to Pittsburgh with support from our friends at VIA, so you know it’ll be cutting edge. They describe themselves as such, “We make art shows, theater performances, music shows, festivals, books, computer networks, fashion shows, email lists, etc. We include members and non-members. Our goal is to create and support an artistic community while honoring our individual voices and to write emails….No jerks.”  The group most recently got some love for their Adult Swim “infomercial” that you can watch it in its full glory below.

The night will feature opening stand up by Molly Sharrow and ‘psychedelic video found footage comedy’ by Rem Lezar of Everything Is Terrible. Plus, you’ll experience 75 minutes of the multi-media comedic ventures of Wham City including original stand up, monologues, videos, skits, the Alan Tutorials and ‘Showbeast’.

Wham City will be bringing four of their members: Alan ResnickBen O’BrienRobby Rackleff, and Mickey Freeland.

Here’s their mock infomercial for Adult Swim, based off of a performance originally created for the tour: Live Forever As You Are Now, produced & directed by Ben O’Brien and Alan Resnick.

The Wham City Comedy Tour 2014 will go down at Melwood Screening Room in Oakland on Wednesday, April 16 at 8pm. It’s all ages and tickets are only $8.

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