WaywardLand: Breaking the Molds of Movement

Published On February 5, 2015 | By Zoe Hannah | The Arts

waywardland pittsburgh eventsIntricate animal masks, a trapeze swing, and a large ball made of knotted fabric are just a few of the props that WaywardLand‘s four performers will interact with to dissolve the limits of movement. Circus, dance, and performance art will collide for this eclectic collaboration, developed by Jil Stifel and Ben Sota, and premiering on February 12 at 8PM at the New Hazlett Theater.

Stifel, Pitt dance professor and WaywardLand creator, was selected by the New Hazlett Theater to procure an esoteric installation of movement that combines her performance skills with those of Sota. Sota is the artistic director of Zany Umbrella Circus, and after studying circus in Italy, has traveled the world to produce and put on more than 30 performances. The show will consist of movement by these experienced artists, as well as Slowdanger performers, Anna Thompson and Taylor Knight. Thompson and Knight “use performance as ritual practice to delve into patterns of the circular rhythm of life.”

Despite the obvious importance of the movement artists, the show would not be possible without the three-dimensional artwork of Blaine Siegel and Casey Droege. Siegel has worked to create the WaywardLand set, whereas Droege has created the show’s costumes. The sound for the performance includes accordion music, drum groupings, and ambient or drone-based pieces created by David Bernabo.

WaywardLand is part of New Hazlett Theater’s CSA 2014-2015 performance series. This CSA directly supports local artists by selling shares for performances throughout the season. Shareholders get tickets to a bi-monthly performance series, plus tickets to additional special events happening at the Hazlett. You can buy a share for $50 for the second half of the series which includes the Anya Martin and the Hiawatha Project on April 2 and Teena Marie Custer and Roberta Guido performance on June 11.

Individual tickets for WaywardLand are $20 in advance and $25 on the day of the show – they can be purchased here. Check out a video of the WaywardLand rehearsal below!

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