Viva:BLACK a Live Theater Documentary

Published On April 19, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

Photo Credit Cassie Kay Rusnak of Cassie Kay Photography

Photo Credit Cassie Kay Rusnak of Cassie Kay Photography

Vie Boheme is a local performer of many talents, including both dance and music. She grew up in Detroit singing in her church’s choir, but it wasn’t until a 2010 open mic night at the Shadow Lounge that she came into her own as a solo artist. Her latest project, Viva:Black, celebrates African American performers, and was conceived entirely by Boheme from start to finish – an impressive feat for any young artist. She created Viva:Black based from “an immense necessity for Black American people to recognize their unmistakable beauty post slavery”. Another primary focus of the production is women. Described as a “journey through sound and time”, the produciton spans the 1920s to present-day and finds Vie traveling to each era to engage in a performance that highlights the corresponding time period.

Funded in part by The Pittsburgh Foundation, this event takes place at the August Wilson Center and kicks off tonight, April 19. There is also a showing tomorrow the 20th. Tickets are $14 and can be purchased here. A recent “dinner and a show” option was added for $50, which includes two entrees at Mahoney’s (directly across the street), two complimentary drinks and two tickets to the show. Sounds like a great deal to us!

To learn more, take a look at the teaser that was recently released. And head to the event’s Facebook page to watch more previews.

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