VIA for Dummies – Part Three

Published On October 4, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Music, The Arts

Our third and final installment of VIA for Dummies leaves us one day away from the festival kickoff. Close those eyes while you still can. Rest up, and school yourself on what to expect during the final day of VIA. Pacing yourself is suggested. You don’t want to miss out on the last killer day of VIA. You can sleep on Sunday. Check out VIA on Beatport, too, which will help you become accustomed to the music. Did we mention the forecast is looking bea-oo-tiful? Bust out them booty shorts for one more weekend, you might need ’em!

Night Three | October 8 | 6022 Broad St.
Centipede E’est
Raw Blow
Laurel Halo / Ben Tabas
Ford & Lopatin / Spencer Longo
Peanut Butter Wolf a/v
Zombi / Vade
Austra / Goat Helper
Underground Resistance a/v

I’d suggest sleeping in as long as possible on Saturday, cos this is a long day. With a door time of 3:30 and corresponding afterparty ending at 6AM, you won’t have time to do much else! If this is the only day of the festival you attend, good choice! It’s bound to be one of the best. Plus, it’s the longest, so you’ll maximize your party dollars. Did we mention there’s complimentary beer for the first hour of the event on Friday and Saturday? Now you know. Drink up!

Kicking off Saturday are locals Centipede E’est and Raw Blow. You’ve probably had a chance to see their gigs around town at some point, so if you’re a fan, be sure to come support them during their VIA debut. VIA does their best to select a healthy mix of local talent to compliment the out of town acts. This coveted opportunity is something for both the fans and the local artists to celebrate. Without our strong music/art scene, VIA wouldn’t be possible.

Laurel Halo is a name I’ve heard throughout the years, but never explored until recently. Laurel Halo is a prime example of how it doesn’t take balls to make beautiful dream pop. Her music is reminiscent of a more exploratory washed out. Fans of Neon Indian, any “chillwave” artist or even Bat for Lashes would dig Laurel Halo. Chick music, perhaps, but damn good chick music. I think fans of Blondes would also be into Laurel Halo, but what do I know?

Next up, Ford & Lopatin, which had me confused there for a minute with their name change. Formerly known as Games, the duo have been one of 2011’s buzz artists for many popular indie media outlets. If you came to VIA last year, you might recognize Lopatin from his work as Oneohtrix Point Never. I first discovered their track “Everything is Working” in a Stereogum compilation. It’s hip, it’s trendy, it’s synth-obsessed. Check it out for yourself:

The name Peanut Butter Wolf seems kind of silly, yes, but little did you know that this guy’s taken quite seriously and has been around the block for a while now. He owns a label, Stones Throw Records and signed Mayer Hawthorne after hearing only two songs. If you were at the recent Chromeo show, then you may have caught Mayer Hawthorne opening. Fans of hip-hop and VIA-mate araabMUZIK will dig this peanut butter monster.

Zombi’s Steve Moore is making a repeat visit to VIA in 2011. I managed to catch his set last year, but I was so distracted by the lasers that I can barely remember the music. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Zombi’s blend of electronic and progressive rock is dynamic, mysterious and intense. Not for the faint of heart. If you’ve made it this far into the VIA experience, chances are you’ll get into it.

Austra’s had a big year. The band’s breakout single “The Beat and the Pulse” and corresponding video made them a band to watch in 2011. At first I found them to be too much like Zola Jesus, and couldn’t really get into this entire goth electro sound that’s emerged as of recent, but I’ve managed to look past that and appreciate Austra a lot more than I initially thought I would. This will be the highlight of the festival for me, if that gives you any indication of my tastes. I love chick music! This video is a must-see:

Detroit techno staples Underground Resistance close out this portion of the festival with what’s sure to be a memorable set. Rarely performing live, UR will perform their album Interstellar Fugitives in its entirety. If you like to dance you’ll love UR. Chances are, no matter what your tastes, the state of mind you’ll be in by this point will set you up for success. You’ll enjoy it if you’re tipsy, completely out of your mind, or so freaked out that you can’t wait until bedtime. Save your energy for the afterparty, because you’re in for a treat!

Night Three | Afterparty | 6022 Broad St.
pres. by Humanaut
Donato Dozzy
viz: Matt Sterling

At this point, any description of the music you will hear at Humanaut’s afterparty is unnecessary. If you’re familiar with Humanaut, you know the kind of quality events they produce and the quality talent they bring into Pgh again and again. Italian techno DJ Donato Dozzy graced us with his presence during a recent Humanaut party. They’re bringing him back to celebrate their sixth anniversary. Congratulations guys, you wise, hot, distinguished group of men who are a vital piece of the VIA puzzle. Way to go out with a bang! Be sure to extend the party by grabbing a ticket to this sure-to-be-memorable event and try to remember a little bit. If not, we’ll be here to help you piece together the fragments of your evening once the main event starts and the afterparty commences. Happy trails!

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