Unlisted: Second Steel

Published On September 25, 2013 | By Emily Laubham | The Arts

Unlisted Second SteelPerformance group, Unlisted is putting on a three show series called Second Steel. They’re a site-specific group, meaning they go from city to city, researching the use of urban space. The series engages audiences in a dialogue about revitalizing our city with the hope of creating a ripple effect, promoting change locally and globally. Since December, Unlisted has been doing research, finding performance spaces, and producing events in Pittsburgh, but before that they were in Serbia putting on their first performance series that focused on unused land. While their shows in Serbia were about making use of empty space, Second Steel is about renewing the old.

Back in July we told you about Unlisted’s unveiling party in which they were going to reveal the three locations of Second Steel. The first is at Townhouse in East Liberty from September 25th-26th. The second is at an underpass on the Northside on the 26th and 27th. The last show of the series is in an empty lot in the Hill District on the 28th. These are not your typical performance spaces so wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella just in case!



Unlisted put together three teams of artists and three teams of curators. Each team of artists performs at a different location in the series and the curators help in various aspects of the project determined by their area of expertise. Each team has both Pittsburgh and International members, ranging from places like Croatia, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, Ireland and Canada. Unlisted accepts any level of donation so they can pay their talented artists, afford visas for the international members, and bring you performances free of charge! You can donate here!

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