The Spacebuster

Published On September 7, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

While the concept of being encapsulated by a bubble freaks us out a bit, we can’t help but wonder how neat of an experience it would be. It would certainly be a better time than the Bubble Boy on Seinfeld had. If you’re trying to rock out inside a bubble, you’re in luck. The Spacebuster, an enormous traveling translucent plastic bubble is landing in Pittsburgh next Wednesday for a BBQ fully equipped with beats to tap your feet to. The event will take place in the hip locale of Braddock from 7-10PM on Wednesday, September 12th. It’s free and open to the public, so there’s no excuse for you not to get your bub on. The Spacebuster’s already a big hit in New York, where it’s been poppin’ up all over town, hosting events left and right. You go to bed thinking all is right in the world and next thing ya know you’re waking up next to a big OL bubble. It could totally happen. Dream big, folks.

Better yet, the bad ass master chef Kevin Sousa is hauling over his delicious Union Pig and Chicken grub so you can get your BBQ on inside the bub. Bob your head. Eat some slaw. Tap your feet. Eat some pork. Clap them hands. Eat some beans. Try not to toot, especially inside a bubble.

Join DJ Chevy and DJ Dave Zak as they provide the smoothest bubble jams you’ve ever heard. Who cares what they’ll play because you’ll be in a bubble and life will be grand. You have the lovely folks at Raumlabor to thank for this genius idea. The Berlin-based architects were commissioned by Storefront for Art and Architecture to transform public spaces of all kinds into points for community gathering. So let’s gather! And eat! And dance! IN A BUBBLE!

Head on over to this much more serious website to check out additional photos of this contraption and how its been used elsewhere. Pittsburgh knows what’s up so expect our inter-bubble hap’nins to be way more legit than what has already been done. This event is presented in partnership with Unsmoke Artspace and Braddock Redux. BIG UPS TO YOU!

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