The Rocking Horse Open SIDE 2

Published On May 4, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

Our friends at The Rocking Horse Artspace are having another open submission gallery exhibit. Participation has significantly increased from the last one they held this past winter. This time, they’ve invited each artist to submit up to three pieces of work. Artwork will be juried by gallery members and special guest judge Zombo for consideration of a Rocking Horse Award, which will take place in winter of this year – but who wants to think about that with summer approaching! The event takes place tonight from 7-10PM at Rocking Horse Artspace at 179 43rd Street in Lawrenceville. Admission is free!

Past winners include:

Favorite Piece Work
First Place: “Moonlight Furrows” by Paul McMillan
Second Place: “Bike Ram” by Jason Angst
Third Place: “Mighty Oak” by Matt Gatto

Favorite Award
First Place: Best Nipple – “Child of Pestilence and Elation” by Brett Guerra
Second Place: Most Likely to End Up Broken – “Gold Bug Treasure” by Tom Brown
Third Place: Best Pink Popsicle – “Kreashawn” by Brian Bullets

Hop on over here for a full list of winning artists. This time around, any type of art will be considered – written work, media, music, sculptural, and video. Or as they say, “the more unusual the better”.

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