The Lawrenceville Art Studio Tour

Published On November 5, 2015 | By Shayna Mendez | The Arts

Sapling Press

In celebration of Lawrenceville’s 11th Art Studio Tour, the neighborhood-based event will swing open many studio doors throughout the community for a free day of creative engagement, open to all.

Tour-goers will have unrestricted access to 19 professional studio environments, allowing for a wide range of artistic practices to be discovered. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at new and in-progress works onsite, gaining the opportunity to meet the artists who call this neighborhood “home.”

The annual event is easily one of the largest studio tours in the city, featuring over 40 artists–from painters, to jewelry designers, to weavers, and many others. Viewers can check out artists like Sapling Press, a graphic design powerhouse that produces their own line of greeting cards and stationery products, all printed from their hundred-year-old presses; or Reiko Yamamoto Studio, where beautifully crafted ceramic works are produced.


Frank Walsh

One other spot not to miss is 57th Street Studios, which houses four resident artists. Tour-goers will have the chance to experience the works of Giuseppe Ragozzino, a canvas painter that uses his work to represent conflicts, critiques and joys with various materials; or Frank Walsh, a veteran advertising photographer who photographs various multitudes of images and objects to fulfill the needs of his clients.

Radiant Hall Studios will also host over 20 in-house artist works showcasing several mixed mediums–from painting, to photography, to writing. You can experience works ranging from the inspiring words of Sarah Shotland, an internationally known novelist and playwright; view the intriguing video installations created by the eccentric Madelyn Roehrig; or enjoy items from the husband-wife duo at Tugboat Printshop, specializing in authentic, traditional, handcrafted limited-edition prints.

Daisy by Tugboat Print Shop

Daisy by Tugboat Print Shop

Be sure to stop by Icehouse Studios to check out works showcased from two conceptually different fashion designers, from the artful sophistication and sustainability of Kelly Simpson-Scupelli, to the bright, bold works of Bradford Mumpower.

Thanks to the help of several local sponsors–including UPMC, Radiant Hall, the Lawrenceville Hospitality Association, and more–an event that started with only 10 artists has expanded extensively and become what it is today.

And with over 40 onboard artists to interact with, this year’s tour is slated to be the largest and most fun yet. You can view the complete artist list online, as well as download or print your own copy of the artist tour map for easy navigation.

The tour will be held on Saturday, November 7, from 10AM-6PM, and it is free to the public. All are encouraged to immerse themselves in one of the ‘Burgh’s most creative neighborhoods.

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