The Hipsterization of Da 'Burgh

Published On December 27, 2013 | By Sweet1Lani | The Arts

1466077_10202711410650679_291181939_nThere are several definitions for hipster on Urban Dictionary, some are pretty accurate, others are pretty hilarious. Our favorite, “Definitions are too mainstream. Hipsters can’t be defined because then they’d fit in a category, and thus be too mainstream.” That about sums it up. If you aren’t already aware, Pittsburgh has become a breeding ground for hipsters. The combination of our authentic small town feel with metropolitan amenities, dozens of universities, and a thriving arts and music scene attract young, hip people by the boatload. That’s what inspired John McIntire to create The Hipsterization of Da ‘Burgh.

McIntire hosts his “Dangerously Live Comedy Talk Show” throughout the year at the Cabaret in Theater Square. Each episode has a theme, which is often political in nature. They’ve roasted Rick Santorum, Anthony Weiner (that one pretty much wrote itself), and their most recent one was a comedic look at the 50th Anniversary of the JFK assassination. They even hosted a Generation Wars – Baby Boomers vs Millennials. This time they’re hitting pretty close to home. The Hipsterization of Da ‘Burgh takes place Saturday, December 28th at 10:30pm. The premise is simple enough…Yinzers vs Hipsters. As Pittsburgh’s indigenous species is dying off, hip millennials are flocking to our progressive homestead.

If you’ve never attended one of McIntire’s shows before, let us explain what he has in store for you. Think ‘poor man’s Bill Maher’. Each episode features a panel of ‘experts’ on the current theme. After some stand up by McIntire, the panel gets grilled individually on stage. Eventually the whole panel gets up there for a “group yappety-yap”. This time around they assembled a pretty on-point panel. Our dear friend and “Hipster Bar Owner” Justin Strong, PG Columnist Samantha Bennett, and “Hipster Entrepreneur” Jia Ji make up the panel. That’s a pretty solid panel, but it gets better. They’ll be joined by Mayor Elect Bill Peduto. The fact that our new mayor is getting in on the fun just reaffirms our instinct that we’re in for a great next four years under his reign.

When asked which side he aligns with more, McIntire said, “I am not a Yinzer, as I am not from here originally. I was arguably a semi-hippie, but I’m too old to be a hipster. I wore the uniform of my time as they do. Groovy. Man.” He went on to describe how he chose such a perfect panel, “Justin Strong ran hipster bars before anyone knew there were any hipsters in da ‘Burgh. He is the ultimate hipster authority here. I performed a couple of times at his hipster ‘Shadow Lounge’ which will soon be re-opening at a new location. I met him through the coolest person I know, Gab Bonesso, for whom I hosted multiple hipster bar shows at the Brillobox, the hipsterest hipster bar in town.”

As for Ms. Bennett, “She’s a Post-Gazette columnist with a decidedly acid tongue take on the hipster scene. She is more of a hipster commentator.” He goes on to describe Jia as, “an entrepreneurial hipster who is busy making money off the hipster boom, among other things. He’s one of these Ivy League hipster kids that is taking over the world, and perhaps, must be stopped.”

He’s most excited for our future leader though, “He is the most progressive mayor we’ve had in years. Yet, even though he is hip in guv-ment circles, and I am a great admirer of his policies, he is groovy, but NOT a hipster. Yet the fact that he was elected speaks volumes about the transition this city is in the middle of.”

Tickets are only $10 at the door, and if you’ve been to another show downtown that night, you get in FREE with your ticket stub. Yinzer, hipster, or neither, you’re bound to enjoy this comical look at our opposing residents!

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