The 13th Annual Art Inter/National Exhibition

Published On January 13, 2014 | By Sweet1Lani | The Arts
personal screenblue and gold, clay, 15x22x9, 1,000

Nicole Roberts-Hoiland : Minnesota
“Personal Screen Blue And Gold”

The fine folks at BoxHeart Gallery are hosting the 13th annual Inter/National Exhibition, opening Saturday January 18th from 5-8pm. The annual exhibition began in 2002, inspired by the revered Carnegie International. Each year, the participating artists are asked to explore how environment impacts the artistic process and influences what each artist creates. This year they’ve expanded on the theme by also exploring “the resilient and ephemeral nature of the human experience.” BoxHeart is looking for “expressions in art that are not only cultivated, but also created because of each artist’s place on this earth.” Out of the 600 artists who applied, 20 were chosen for a final inventory of 22 pieces in a variety of mediums. During the opening, one artist will receive the Best of Show Award. This artist becomes Box Heart “Artist of the Year” and receives their own solo exhibition in the 2016 exhibition year. BoxHeart aims to pose no limits, boundaries, or categories on the participating artists, so expect an eclectic array of visual art. The show will run from January 14th through March 14th at the Bloomfield gallery.

The show, as usual, will feature artists from all over the world, from Singapore and Hungary to Delaware and Idaho. View the whole catalog of artists online. Here are a few of the artists we’re looking forward to checking out.


Catalin Geana: Romania

“Artist Catalin Geana sculpts because it allows him to transform his feelings and fantasies into tangible objects. When molding, his hands give life to the matter that only exists as a potentiality.

 Geana prefers bronze because it is a noble material. His metallic sculptures traverse the traditional pathways of figural representation, reflecting an aesthetic reminiscent of ancient civilizations while also imbued with an ideology that is distinctly modern.

 He draws his inspiration from ancient and primitive art, but also from his surroundings: objects, animals, and people. Geana intentionally violates the traditional canon. He prefers to be faithful to his own rules than to those imposed by others. His intention is to give people that feeling of admiration towards beauty, regardless of its origin.”

rings 2_wood 4x5x1_3,000

Kevin Bielicki: US Delaware
“Rings 2”

“Artist Kevin Bielicki’s sculptures are inspired by forms found in nature. He is interested in the progressive qualities of botanical forms and how they always find ways to grow despite many obstacles. These obstacles result in unique variations in even the most similar of species, when at maturity, result in some of the most distinct beautiful plants and trees.

Typically, Bielicki combines forms of wood like vines, roots, and branches with industrial materials such as concrete, steel, and epoxy resin. His most recent work involves cutting out tree rings and arranging them in space. Bielicki re-purposes trees that have been cut down and transforms them, giving them a new purpose. His work often comes about intuitively and each piece informs the next. So, each piece is a new exploration on ways to arrange tree rings in a way that activates space.

Bielicki likes working in an abstract way because the forms are not as easily pinned down and attributed to something identifiable, but are instead ambiguous and changing. This is important because each work of art can be interpreted multiple ways depending on the viewer’s past experience. Bielicki prefers viewers to draw their own conclusion of his forms.”

people of marginalized world_oil on canvas100x100cm_3000$jpg-005

Evrim Ozeskici: Turkey
“People of a Marginalized World”

“Artist Evrim Ozeskici struggles to find the truth that is revealed in his art. His paintings capture instant photographic frames, memories, of life. Sometimes Ozeskici admires the eye-catching lights of a small town; sometimes he is captivated by a tiny garbage pail that adds sense to that beautiful place. Once he is in front of a blank canvas, Ozeskici knows he has a story to tell. His hand and his brush become a united whole. With courage, Ozeskici’s sentiments and experiences unfold, capturing the essence of his memory – his truth.”

Be sure to check out all 20 artists at the opening on January 18th!

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