Seth Clark’s “Studio Direct”

Published On November 11, 2014 | By Nuria Marquez | The Arts
Photo Credit: Seth Clark Art & Design

Photo Credit: Seth Clark Art & Design

A new exhibit by local artist Seth Clark depicting the ruins of abandoned buildings through collages premiered at The Union Hall on November 4th and will run through December. His new solo exhibit was funded by a new initiative named “Studio Direct” which helps build a relationship between artists and patrons.

“Studio Direct” is a brand new initiative started by Clark in order to find a way to finance his art projects. He found eight patrons to pre-pay for one of his pieces at a discounted price with no idea of what they would receive at the end of the year. These investments gave him a steady foundation for his new exhibit. He’s hoping his exhibit will serve as a successful model for future artists to implement this new artist-to-patron connection.

Seth in Studio

Clark in his studio at Radiant Hall Photo credit: Seth Clark

“I had been rejected from a several grant opportunities, and had been thinking about different crowd sourcing platforms, none of which fit well with what I needed,” he said of this new strategy. “So I started to structure a new program, and the more I talked about it with fellow artists and patrons, the more it developed and made sense at every level. I’m endlessly grateful for the patrons that took part in the program this year.”

Through his new program, Clark was able to strategize a way to maintain a thriving studio practice, acquire new patrons, grow his network, and hold confidence in his pricing, all while upholding his current and future gallery relationships. If you’re an artist and want to give it a try for yourself, don’t fret. He plans to share his model with other artists through a Studio Direct website and various speaking engagements-stay tuned.

Seth Clark has been a part of the Pittsburgh art scene since 2010. In that time he’s been part of exhibitions in the Carnegie Museum of Art and The Chautauqua Institution. Recently, he was included in the 2014 Pittsburgh Biennial and Pittsburgh’s 2015 Emerging Artist of the Year by the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

The opening reception for this exhibit will take place November 13, 7-10 pm at The Union Hall above Bar Marco in the Strip District and is free and open to the public.

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