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Published On May 1, 2013 | By Sweet1Lani | The Arts

558973_106997726133887_1372185931_n Since February of this year, Raw Pittsburgh has been putting on an artist showcase the first Thursday of the month at CAVO in the Strip. If you haven’t attended yet, now’s the time to go! Each month they highlight 20 or more local artists including visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, performing artists, and fashion designers. This month RAW presents Expressions, which will include four very talented and very different local fashion designers that we can’t wait to tell you all about!

crop_127350_avatar_1365839940 Nicolette Romero is a jill of all trades. She says she wants to be a scientist, but for now she works as an artist, designer, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and head designer for the Quarter Life Crisis streetwear line, and explains, “I’m an artist. To my core. It’s what I am. I make things. I take what is in other realms and dimension and bring them into this one. I like to see the beauty in ugly and the ugly in the beautiful.” Expressions will be her first runway show, and will feature swimwear and some more avant garde pieces that infuse art, fantasy, and technology.

add_3_29449Milk & Tinder is the dynamic duo composed of Amanda Yuan and Anna Cederquist. They share an appreciation for cake decorating and artist Cy Twombly, and list Istanbul and Wes Anderson as inspirations. You can check out one of their recent runway shows here. Their formal wear designs are airy yet innovative, with a minimal color palette. They aim to explore the dynamic relationship between the fluidity and rigidity of nature.

D7A7733-300x245 Grand Scheme is a men’s steetwear line owned by two local guys known for their active roles in Pittsburgh’s nightlife, Vince Masi of Down & Derby and Adam “DJ Nugget” Kulik of FukDat Parties. They focus on providing quality garments with bold, often humorous designs. Inspired by 90’s skate, sport, and hip hop culture, they are proud of their hometown roots in Pittsburgh.

fareash FarESH Brand  is another streetwear line inspired by pop culture, music, and sneaker culture. They are driven to provide unique clothing and fashionable experiences. Founded in 2009, they also participated in the 2 Week Street Boutique at Fe Gallery with Grand Scheme. So where did the name come from? “There’s being fresh and then there is us. We’re far from fresh….farESH.”

This month’s RAW also features an eclectic array of artists and musicians, along with a kick ass runway show. All the event details can be found here, doors open at 8pm and you can purchase $10 tickets from your favorite participating artists here.

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