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There’s nothing one can say about this event to do it proper justice. Behold one of my favorite photos from last year, in which I’m getting my ass handed to me by the one-and-only Miss Yinzerparty.com herself, Ashley. I like this photo because everyone’s facial expressions really capture the mood of that event. It’s like – Wow! I can’t believe I’m actually watching broads kill each other at a bar in an inflatable pool filled with vanilla pudding! You can’t imagine what that experience is like. Pudding in every crevice of your body. Not kinky at all.

Year three was no different. In fact, Ashley stepped it up this year with some righteous t-shirts designed by the lovely Matt Gondek. There was a huge buzz surrounding this event. There was a line. Then it sold out. Even the tallest guy there couldn’t see! Broads had to stand on stools. They even had a bouncer by the judges’ table who questioned my being there. For future reference, if that happens to you, just tell them you’re a coach and they will get off your back. Sike, don’t do that – that’s my trick.

I can’t really do a re-cap since I only saw a portion of the night’s rumbles, but Ashley did a nice job of chronicling the entire night on Yinzerparty. Hop on over there to get the lodown and peep some photos. You might even get to see a nip or two!

[nggallery id=puddin 2011]

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