Potty Poetry

Published On October 17, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | The Arts

It recently came to my attention that someone else in the Pgh shares my affinity for bathroom graffiti. They’ve even taken it one step further and deemed it poetic. Inspired by online literary journal Ophelia Street, Potty Poetry is a collaborative project by Sean O’Donnell and Darrell Kinsel that takes place in Future Tenant‘s bathroom.

Potty Poetry combines the art forms of bathroom graffiti and Japanese poetry in an effort to engage the audience to think about the two in different ways and “expand the audiences’ perception of graffiti – beyond the visual (as art) and beyond clever one-liners (as literature).” –Future Tenant

The exhibit will be on display in Future Tenant’s bathroom from October 16th until January 1st.

I know that I personally love this idea, as I had the thought of doing our “Party Pooper” contests about a year ago, and hadn’t seen Ophelia Street until I found out about the exhibit. For more information, check out Ophelia Street and Future Tenant, a non-profit art space located in downtown Pittsburgh at 819 Penn Avenue dedicated to showcasing the work of emerging artists through exhibitions that offer a cutting edge perspective on the Pittsburgh art scene.

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